Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Off to Tokyo

Alright am off to Tokyo in half an hour. Will be back on the 27th.

Talk about bad luck. I actually arranged for this trip to go see Red Hot Chilli Peppers who were supposed to perform there this Friday, but Anthony Kiedis got pneumonia (damn you pneumonia) and they had to cancel. Anyway still am gonna enjoy myself, I need a break.

Only thing that sucks is I am gonna miss local food again for a whole week. I really missed it when I was in Taiwan, and I been back in Singapore for only 4 days. I missed it so much that on the evening I came back from Taiwan, I picked up the phone and ordered Sarpino's pizza! Nothing says home like Sarpino's I tell ya.

Alright I'm off. Will update from Tokyo if I can!


1 comment:

  1. hey sweetheart,

    we didn't get to catch up before you left. have loads of fun and come back soon k? miss ya!