Thursday, March 08, 2007

Movie Outing: Post-mortem

All things considered I would deem last night's outing a success, so I decided to send out an email to all those who were involved.

--Start of email---

Hi all,

Yes I think last night's outing went reasonably well, except for that
one fiasco where the participants did not seat in their assigned seats
as requested (repeatedly) by me. I am not naming any names because I
don't have any concrete proof, but I think a certain girl who kept pestering me to change her ticket was the instigator of that chaos in the cinema.

Nevertheless, this will be rectified in the next movie outing as I
will be writing down the names of the participants on each individual
ticket before I hand them them out, and will check them again in the
cinema to make sure no one tries to swap seats.

Looking forward to the next outing.

--End of email ---

I was a bit pissed at myself at losing control of the situation in the cinema, but a good organizer learns from his mistakes. It will NOT happen again.

But the movie was pretty amazing. Oh yeah I went to watch 'The Lives of Others', Winner for Best Foreign Film at this year's Oscars. I was a little disappointed that Pan's Labyrinth didn't win, but after watching the movie last night I have to agree that it was worthier. I hate reviews so ain't gonna give one, just go watch it!


  1. Yea tell me about it. Was looking forward to sitting next to my stallion. Twas no comfort even though Ralph Fiennes was beside me.

  2. There's not one part of the movie i didn't enjoy or didn't seriously like! Gee, how often do you walk out of a cinema realising that you saw a film like that?
    The story was absorbing, and other little bits that make for a great such as the tempo, cinematography, mood... everything just fits so wonderfully.

    oh, I wanted to sit next to Ralph Fiennes too! He agreed to share some nachos and me my smoothie! But in the end, had neither Stallion nor Fiennes *sob*.