Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kiss and Ride

Was in Taiwan for the whole of last week for work. Saw this sign at the station on Friday as I was waiting for the bullet train to get from Tainan to Taipei.

Of course I started wondering what Kiss and Ride meant. Pondered it for a while, then I got it. It's basically a place outside the train station where you pick up hookers. You basically drive up to that place and call one of the hookers standing there. She would then give you a kiss, you know like letting you sample the goods. It is then up to you to decide whether you want to avail yourself of further services rendered by her.

I then asked my Taiwanese colleague where my hypothesis was correct. He looked back at me in horror, like I was some kind of pervert. Apparently I was pretty off the mark. It is basically a temporary drop off point. But seriously, any of you who don't read Mandarin would have come to the same conclusion wouldn't you? People can be so judgmental, it's sad.

But the bullet train was pretty fun, it was the first time I took such a mode of transportation. Here's a picture:

The train is so fast that you won't even see it entering the station, I actually took this picture at 1/8 second shutter speed otherwise it would just be a total blur. Pretty amazing eh?

Stayed at the Westin in Taipei. One thing I never get, it's the most expensive hotels that always charge for extra room amenities (wireless/porn/breakfast), cheaper hotels always provide them free. What's up with that? Considering you pay top dollar shouldn't it be free? Well Westin did have a porn channel where you could watch a preview for like 20 seconds before you get the pay screen, but ingenious me found a loophole around the system! Basically you just need to switch channels, wait for a couple of seconds then switch back, and you can watch another 30 seconds.

I contemplated telling the hotel staff about this glaring loophole, being the honest person that I am, but then decided against it in case they charge me for it or something. Spent the next hour switching channels every 20 seconds and being really pleased with myself (in more ways than one), but then it dawned on me - what I was doing was actually kinda sad. In my defence I was suffering from diarrhoea, cold and lonely. But yeah I need to get a life.

One final picture. This is the view from where I was most of Friday night:

I FREAKING hate diarrhoea!!


  1. I realise your stomach always seems to act up each time you go overseas.

    Welcome back Bertu. You have been missed.

  2. On the bright side, there are worse places to be suffering that particular condition than the Westin!

  3. Femme: Yeah I am allergic to asian food or something! It was alright when I went to US. Strange right.

    C: Yeah the music in the toilet did help somewhat with my ailment.