Thursday, March 22, 2007

I met an angel today

Quick update from me , it's my first day in Tokyo. Didn't get any sleep last night because I was trying to finish my slides for work before I left. Didn't get much sleep on the plane as well (my flight was at 6 am) because I can't sleep on planes. So by the time I reached Tokyo 8 hours later I was as stoned as a ....stone.

But then there was this amazing angel who met us at the airport. It was the friend of my friend, and she basically drove us the whole day around Tokyo. And she even paid for everything (despite our protests), from the tickets up to the Tokyo Tower as well as to the most delicious dinner spread that I have personally tasted in a long while. And I am pretty sure it wasn't cheap either.

I have to say I never thought before this that anyone could be that nice, especially to a stranger (I didn't know her before this) and to a casual acquaintance (she met my friend only once before). I can only hope she comes to Singapore soon so that I can return the favor.

But yeah I guess that's what I like about travelling. You get to meet people who just keep surprising you, and who are so different from what you expect back home.

I came here to Tokyo feeling tired and pretty cold.
But then an angel swept down and saved us two poor souls.
She drove us from the airport and brought us to Tokyo Tower.
All in all the entire day she drove us for almost 6 hours.
And in the evening we were treated to a fantastic dinner.
I ate so much that my stomach bursting became a real fear.
So ended my first day in lovely Japan
Thought it was just ok my first time, now am a huge fan.


  1. "as stoned as a..."

    What about "hippie"? ;)

    I hope the rest of your trip measures up to its first day!

  2. ah of cos a hippie why didn't I think of that! Thanks love I am pretty sure it will!

  3. Have fun in Tokyo... the Japanese are such kinky people so I'm sure you'll fit right in! :-)

  4. Oh come on Bert. She was gorgeous wasn't she? *wink wink*

  5. AK: Nah thats just the old people and a few guys.

    Jes: Yes she was but that's not the point!