Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I love organising events!

Yes I really do love it. The sense of accomplishment when the event goes successfully thanks to all the effort you put in, it's really an amazing feeling. Yesterday, I was asked to organize this event that was going to happen later this week. Despite my hectic work schedule, I put all my heart and soul into it and came up with the schedule in like 1/2 hour. Here is the schedule which I sent out to the participants of the event.

==Start of Itinerary==

This is the itinerary for the group outing.

1930 Dinner at Plaza Singapura (place to be confirmed but no Thai Express due to someone's bad experience there recently)
2100 Proceed to The Cathay
2110 Reach Cathay Cinema
2115 Collect your tickets from the outing organizer i.e. me.
2130 Movie starts
1150 Movie ends
1155 Group photo outside cinema
1156 Requests for individual pictures with the Stallion
1200 Free and easy

1. Movie seatings are random. Please let me know in advance if you wish to sit beside me. Requests will be served on a first come first served basis.
2. The movie is 2 hr 17 mins long. We are seated 4 in Row C , and 4 directly behind in Row D on the center right side of the cinema. Short people can request to sit in front.
3. Latecomers to the movie please collect your tickets from the usher.
4. There are 8 confirmed participants. Me, J, N, S, J2, J3, J4, T. 4 others to be confirmed by the end of XXXXX. No further requests for tickets (by men) will be entertained after that. Requests by women will be subject to the organizer's (aka ME) approval pending a phone interview.

Movie Screening Group Organizer
== End of Itinerary ==

Now you know who to call whenever you want to organize a movie outing.


  1. Is this what you called me for this morning whilst I was slaving my ass off?


    Sorry love, I have to go get my nails done so I'm gonna pass. Have fun!

  2. Dear...u call tat an EVENT?? Hw abt ppl like me who organise MAJOR events for community clubs n youth programs?!?!


  3. Dear Bert,

    The thing I luv the most about you even at 7am in the uncaffenated morning,is...

    your delusional ideas of grandoise, and your shenton way towering ego...

    You are also bordering on the line between OCD and VERY OCD!

    While I do wish I could come along for your wonderful event, I'm afraid I must pass because I don't wish to fight other females for your attention... ;)


  4. hi bert....congrats on the event organisation....any free tickets???
    sam (p.s. call me!!)

  5. free tix?? dream on Sam! There're are 11 of us but none of us would mind paying $10 to sit in a theatre with the stallion himself!

    *collects $50 from the stallion for the above*

  6. Off topic... is Neon Bible out in Singas yet?

  7. Femme: U missed one hell of an organised outing.

    Rekha: An even is defined as a happening attended by more than one person.

    Divya: Ah you are like my most ardent fan, your kind words always make my day.

    Ah Neh: Yes finally someone who understands me!

    marie: Do i look like a cd shop?

  8. no bert you just look like the most knowledgeable person out there. i mean cmon, you just absolutely amazed everyone with your planning skills, don't you see the whole "we bow to you bert" practice going on?