Friday, February 02, 2007

Old dogs shouldn't try new tricks

I am writhing in pain as I type this. It feels like a truck ran over my foot. I am still not sure how it happened.

We were playing football (only in US they call it soccer) during my Remedial Training (RT) in camp yesterday. Yep for the past 2 months I been attending RT, which is basically physical training for all the horribly unfit guys who can't pass their annual physical fitness test, as required by the Singapore army. And if you know me, you will know that I suck at football , but I am nothing if not adventurous and unafraid to make an ass of myself. So when they asked for one more person to complete the team I volunteered bravely.

The match started and pretty soon the others in my team realized I suck ass, so they stopped passing to me despite me being wide open. Of course the opposing team left me wide open as well because they knew I was more a annoyance than an actual danger, just like the cat that kept running around the field at that time. But suddenly the ball ricocheted off an opposing player and rolled to me.

I decided this was my chance at glory and started dribbling (well more like pushing the ball and running after it) towards the opposing goal. But then this guy from the other team blocked my path and started grinning away. Yep he thought he stopped me for good, but I decided to prove him wrong. I did a quick stepover with both my feet a la Ronaldo, and then a body feint , and dribbled to the left. Then I heard a loud thud.

Next thing I know I was lying on the ground, and my foot was hurting like hell. I thought my opponent was so fooled by my little shimmy that he was forced to foul me, but then I realised he was like 2 meters away from me. Yep, apparently I tripped over the ball as I did my little shimmy, no one touched me. I groaned in pain, trying to ignore the roaring laughter from the opposing team. I turned my head to look to at my team, hoping someone would help me up, but I was greeted with looks of complete disgust instead. I picked myself up and slowly walked off the field, my head hung in shame. No one said a word to me.

The army can be a really cruel place sometimes.


  1. How come during my RT its all exercises and runs and no games??!!

  2. Waverley: Im in the weight loss group, they don't train us so hard.

    Maddie: Ha im alright, alright if there was a girl friend who cared enough to massage my sprained foot I would be really grateful to her. *hint*

  3. I got charged and got DB-ed 5 days cos i missed one RT.. -_-

    now i'm excuse boots/shoes till i ord :D

  4. thats painful man. hope the foot's better now.

  5. Mystikal: For only one lesson? That really blows.

    Mei Jean: Still hurting a bit, especially when I try to do stepovers.

    Boon Song: Ha nope at Bedok.