Monday, February 12, 2007

My weekend and V Day.

It's the start of a new week.
Last one wasn't that great and I was a little sick.
Went to watch Little Children last Saturday.
It's about dysfunctional couples in suburban America, pretty good I have to say.

But despite its title, it's anything but soft.
Some parts are downright disturbing, like one of a paedophile jerking off.
But I really loved the ending, although I didn't get it at first.
Thankfully a friend explained to me, sometimes I can be slow like Fred Durst.

Met a couple of new people too, thanks to my friend Zee.
Else it would have been another Saturday night in front of the TV.
Her friends were cool, they were pretty chatty.
4 hot girls and 1 ok looking guy, I felt like I just won the lottery.

On Sunday I hanged out with a friend my fiancee, just us two
It was at this pretty nice cafe, down at Frankel Avenue
Just sat there and talked, we were there from 2 to 8.
It was pretty nice, actually it was pretty damn great.

Sometimes it's nice to do that, to just sit and talk.
Besides it's harder to have a conversation while taking a walk.
She talked about her life, and the guys she dated.
I talked about World of Warcraft, and the players I really hated.

K friend just read the above, she wants me to make a change.
The things you do for the people you love, even when they are being a pain.
She isn't happy cos I wrote initially that we are friends.
She thinks we are engaged, scary are the delusions of some women!

V day is coming up, it's this coming Wednesday
Lots of hearts and roses, and for some men, an easy lay.
Don't mind me, I'm just feeling a little jaded and cynical.
And no it's not because I don't have a date, sometimes I am just anal.


  1. dear bert m'dearie,

    screw flowers, chocolates and expensive dinners.

    one damn good blog post is enough for some of us.

    An adoring fan with a laptop for company on V-day...

  2. Thanks Divya, you are really such a sweet thing.

    Your kind words just made me feel like a much-loved king!

  3. weloveuG!
    u see I'm not much of a wordsmith,
    I'm just a regular J not a polyglot and no linguist!

  4. Well Bert,

    I look forward to your V'day post.

    This is probably what mine might say,

    Inked ravens of despair,
    Claw holes in the arse of the world’s mind.

    I am an unhappy bubble of anal wind
    Popping and winking in the mortal bath.

    Isn't it inspiring?

  5. Divya: Ha have to give u points for very vivid imagery! Hmm not sure whether I will have a V day post.

    You don't need to be a wordsmith.
    Cos you are so beautiful that when I look at you, it makes it hard for me to breathe.

  6. dear bert,

    after v'day then.


    PS: the poem is from the 'A Bit of Fry and Laurie Show'. Look it up on you tube. Its bluidy hilarious.

  7. Oi. Gilbert. You going Good Vibrations right? My friends and I might tag along. How? Can or not?

    And you sound like you have a pineapple up your arse. So anal! But *coughs* funny. *coughs coughs*.