Thursday, February 01, 2007

A mother's love

I am been having the worst cough ever for the last week. It's so bad that it was even keeping me awake at night, I just couldn't stop coughing no matter what I did. And of cos my ultra paranoid mom got insanely worried, and starts pestering me to go to the doctor every time she hears me cough. Which is like every other minute. So I promised her I would go the next day. Sigh going to the doctor for a cough, I tell ya, sometimes I don't feel like a man anymore.

So the next day I went to the polyclinic at around 4 pm to get it checked out. Oh before that, I have to mention that my mom called me like 5 times before that to ask if I had been to the doctor. But yeah saw the doctor after like 20 minutes of waiting, and it was this rather attractive doctor who attended to me. I mentioned that I been coughing non stop and been unable to sleep, but in a rather macho voice because I didn't wanna sound too whiny, I could feel some sexual tension between us building up, and no it was not the phlegm in my throat.

She nodded her head rather unsympathetically and then checked my throat and chest, during which I was kinda fantasizing that she would ask me to strip down for a more thorough exam. But alas she passed up at that chance, and told me my throat was "a little sore but that was it". She then wrote me a prescription for cough syrup and lozenges and promptly sent me on my way.

My mom called again from work , and when I told her it was just a simple cough, she actually went "Oh really, that's all?". Yup she actually seemed a little disappointed that I wasn't suffering from throat cancer or something equally serious, because now her worrying and fussing the past few days were for nothing. Gotta love moms.

The medicine I got suck ass. I'm still coughing as I type this. The cough syrup felt like water, it didn't even help one bit. I suspect the doctor thought i was malingering and so gave me weak versions or something, that bitch.

Yesterday I went to the polyclinic
My mom made me cos' I was pretty sick
Sigh that's what old age does to you
Seeking medical treatment for a cough? Never when i was 22!
But the doc who attended to me was pretty hot
Alas despite the sexual tension it all came to naught.


  1. COugh syrups hardly ever work. I have to go through atleast 3 bottles before my cough gets mildly better. SOmetimes i worry i'll become an addict :(

  2. ...

    gilbert. another one of your rhyming, ill make sure ill tear ur hair out next time i see u.

    Im torn between laughing and crying.

  3. Ambiga: I don't mind being an addict if that helps stop the coughing!

    Su: Come on little su, whats your problem with Master G's rhymes you party ...erm..poo?

    Ah Neh: Yep I am not making it up.