Friday, February 16, 2007

Get out of the lift if you wanna chat

You know what I hate? People in the lift who try to continue a conversation with someone OUTSIDE the lift. It happened yesterday, this girl who just entered the lift continued her conversation with her friend who was outside the lift. I immediately started jamming on the close door button, when the doors closed, could hardly contain my laughter when I successfully cut short their conversation.

I wasn't always like this you know. There was a time when I would patiently hold the lift, hoping that the person would be sensible enough to cut short the conversation out of embarrassment. But numerous instances later I realized that it was pointless, most people don't give a damn if the entire lift is waiting for them, and so I decided that I might as well get some enjoyment out of it. It's actually pretty hilarious to see people rushing their words or craning their necks to maintain eye contact as the door is closing , you should try it sometime if you never have done so.

But seriously, for those who do the above, would it kill you to take the next lift?


  1. ditto. absolutely.
    Another one is those that like to chat right in front of the escalator, when you already hear the sound of the mrt braking right on top.


    Can't Singaporeans be more "Automatic?"

  2. because semi automatic is the mode we were taught to be on?

  3. there always is a safety switch though.

  4. bert.. i remember u having a 'Last 5 Comments thinghy on ur sidebar.. where did u get it from?


  5. Boon Song: Ha yes and taking up the right lane!!

    Keling: Simi safety switch?

    Mystikal: It's a RSS feed but it was a bit flaky recently. Here it is :