Friday, February 09, 2007

Alcohol makes me say stupid things

I was at Cafe Iguana with a couple of girl friends (S & Y) on Wednesday, it was Y's birthday. We had like 2 jugs of margaritas between the 2 of us, I think I had like 5 glasses. After that we headed down to Insomnia because they were having free flow of drinks till 11 (12 for chicks) for 18 dollars.

So we got there, and hanging out and enjoying the band which was pretty decent. Then I went to get another drink (my third one there) when I saw someone I recognized. It was S2, this chick I knew in NUS whom I had a teensy crush on back then. She looked pretty different though, I wasn't quite sure if it was her. But then she saw me and waved, so I went over.

Me: Hey you, I wasn't sure if it was you, you look different since the last time I saw you.
Her: Really? Hey you look like you lost some weight. You look good.
Me: Thanks , you look great too!

So we talk for a bit then she asks me if I'm seeing anyone, and I said no. Then I threw the question back at her, and she said she was "pseudo-single". I asked her what that meant, and she said her boyfriend was in US, so she was kinda alone till he came back. My reply was "So is that like a hint to me?"

K before you leave a really nasty comment, please do understand that I did have like 8 glasses of assorted alcohol. And the problem is when I get tipsy, I start believing that I am like a Rico Suave, with my ultra smooth lines that no woman can resist. Hey we all need to escape from reality sometimes! Anyway her reply to that ultra-smooth line was


Ok so she didn't say it exactly that, but let's just say her reply came way too quickly, like as if she was trying to banish any thought in my mind that would make me think she was the least bit interested in me. Of course I realized my folly then, so I tried to casually pass it off as a joke (operative word here is tried) , but the damage was done. She quickly said she had to go off to the bathroom (I guess she was feeling nauseous for some reason) and before I could say bye she vanished, the object of my little crush in school.

I don't think I will ever see her again.

I was at Insomnia on Wednesday night.
The music was good, the band was tight.
Then I met this university crush of mine.
And I have to say she still looked pretty fine.
But then I made the mistake of acting like Don Juan DeMarco,
And as a result I ended up looking like a big fat zero.


  1. hahahah thats a pretty good poem. ahehuueuaeueuhaeuhhea!!!

  2. Now this is valid sexual tension.

  3. i like the ditty too...