Friday, January 05, 2007

What's wrong with watching The Queen with another guy?

Sigh men, sometimes they frustrate the hell out of me. I been reading terrific reviews about the Queen (97% positive at, so I asked my guy friend J whether he wanted to go see it with me.

J: The Queen? No, I would rather not.
Me: Why not? It got fantastic reviews, I'm pretty sure it will be really good.
J: It's weird to watch a movie like that with another guy.
Me: Why? It's not like it's the Lake House, that would be weird. This is a intriguing drama about a woman who had to struggle with her grief caused by the sudden death of her daughter-in-law and still having to maintain a calm composed demeanor to the public. Would it kill you to watch one movie where no one dies from a gunshot wound? Must someone die a violent death in every movie we see to satisfy your blood lust?

Unfortunately my sermon failed to move him, and we ended up watching Blood Diamond, which was actually way better than I thought it would be. It's about the brutal exploitation of the people and resources of Sierra Leone by the diamond industry. If you liked Hotel Rwanda then this is something you should watch, although this movie is definitely more Hollywood-ish, the numerous against-all-odds escapes some of the characters went through just seemed rather unrealistic.

However, it is still a very moving picture, and the message it conveys is very real. DiCaprio has really transformed himself in this movie and The Departed, he's no longer the annoyingly cute guy he used to be. After it ended, I did wonder to myself just how many diamonds that is in the local market now are actually gained from such illegal and exploitative means. My guess would be a fair share.


  1. I miss you Bert!! Its been long ya? Happy new year and may ur new yr wishes come true..(well, at least some of them :))

  2. You should also tell him that you got seats that are many many seats apart. kekeke....

  3. haha!! that's funny
    Have you watched Borat yet??

  4. hi bert,

    It was nice running into you the other day at a certain unmentioned place.

    Now that I am in the relative anonymity of cyberspace, I can say that you are looking amazing, quite changed since the last time I saw you. Its like you're radiating some kind of inner peace which is very inspirational to us lesser mortals. [and no I was not drunk at the time]

    Anyhow, wanted to thank you for keeping me entertained with this amazing blog.


    PS: The Queen is quite amazing, but a little slow moving. You could save money and buy the fake DVD in a street corner.

  5. Hey ananthi, yeah its been a while, where ya been?

    Lancerlord: Dont think that would mattered.

    FFingers: Yes I watched it and I loved it . freaking hilarious

    Divya: You mean Bedok Interchange? Ah inner peace eh, I never heard that before. And thanks you look as beautiful as you always do. And you are welcome dearie.

  6. Haven't seen either of those movies. I think I'm a couple years behind when it comes to new releases. I saw "Mercury Rising" for the first time last night, and it's from 1998.