Thursday, January 25, 2007

Waiter sabotage

I was having dinner with a friend earlier at Cantina, this pretty cool Italian restaurant tucked away in a quiet corner near Sixth Avenue. Another girl friend had introduced me to the place last year, so I decided to go there again.

So we were there enjoying the dinner, when the waiter who served me the last time I went there came up to us.

Waiter: Hi guys, it's really nice to see ya both again so soon.
Me: (while trying not to choke on my food) Errm ..she's...I came with someone else that time.

Yup the waiter mistakenly thought my friend was the same one I came with few months back. After he left, my friend looked at me sternly and said I was really lucky that she was not my girlfriend, otherwise I would have been in deep trouble.

Note to myself: Don't bring a date to a place where you been with some other girl before. Damn waiters with good memories, I hate them.

Oh btw to my biggest fan, I know what you can do for me. I am gonna be all alone at home over the weekend, why don't you come over and my laundry and clean my room? I mean if you really are my biggest fan..

I was out with a friend
Had a great time, we were there till ten
Then the waiter came and spoiled the moment
And I screwed after that, felt like I was in quicksand.
But from the experience I have learned
Never ever bring a date
To a place you been recently with another girl
Unless u wanna tempt fate.

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