Monday, January 15, 2007

Master G

I was asking my friend for advice on an issue a couple hours back.

She: Alright, but don't blame me if it goes wrong.
Me: I would never blame you for anything, except for...
She: Except for what?
Me: Except for .....being too damn beautiful.

I henceforth declare myself Master G, the master of corny one-liners.

Yo check it, the name's Master G,
You really really don't wanna mess with me.
My words draw women to me
Yes, my lines are that fine,
So keep your women far away from me
Cos before you know it, they will be mine.


  1. G as in G-spot?

  2. *wolf-whistles*

    I'm already your biggest fan!

  3. G as in Gargantua.

    Ha Malz well you know biggest fans usually do something for their something extreme...

  4. What can do I for you?


  5. alright now to be fair Master G, you have to repeat the same lines to me. Else you shall not be acknowledge as Master G.

  6. haha someone's becoming a rapper/songwriter? lol. long time, pal! will see you soon though... somehow :) take care! and keep on running. haha.