Wednesday, January 03, 2007

10 Wishes for the new year

1. I wanna see less emo blog posts about the ex-bf/ex-gf

Yes your ex was an asshole/bitch. We got that from the 500 previous posts that you have about him/her. Move on already and get a life, because it's obvious you don't have one right now. nd yes, we know it was all his/her fault, and absolutely none of yours. Now stop playing the victim and fishing for sympathy.

2. Less cringy lovey-dovey/intimate posts about the bf/gf

I can stand the occasional post gushing about the better half, people in love/lust are prone to insanity and lack of reason at times, that's perfectly understandable. But for god's sake, you don't need to mention your better half EVERY FREAKING POST, it makes you seem like you have no life without them. And we don't need to know what you guys do in bed. Seriously. If you really really need to share, upload a bloody video next time, ala Tammy.

3. For my blog to update to Blogger Beta

I still cannot upgrade. Bloody hell I started this freaking blog like so long ago but now I am one of the last few to still be stuck with this old crappy version. Talk about repaying loyalty. Blame Blogger for the recent lack of updates, I was too pissed to write creatively.

4. To get my driving license

Yes I don't have one. Yes I'm 28. The reason I haven't gotten one is because I know I'm this really dangerous rebel who will probably speed each time he gets behind the wheel. You don't give a crazy chimpanzee a car to drive, that's just asking for trouble. But I decided this year that I shall get it this year. Hopefully.

5. To piss off less women

For some reason, I keep doing so. Don't know why. I think it has to do with my face.

6. People who use blogs to tick off/send messages to friends in the same country.

SO BLOODY STUPID. You heard of this thing called the cell phone!? Also can you not be a kid and insult/admonish friends on your blog. If you have a problem with someone, please be an adult and settle it privately. And the "they are also doing it" argument makes you even more childish.

7. Abolishment of local English TV Channel

Does anyone even watch Channel 5 anymore? Freaking waste of taxpayer's money.

8. To meet more people who realize that I am joking when I am joking.

People just don't get deadpan humor sometimes.

9. To have more meaningful conversations with the niece.

Right now it's mainly about food and her bowel movements. Not fun at all.

10. To meet that special someone.

Yes, the whole NYE couply party thing made me realize that I was the only one there who wasn't gonna get any action that night. I never wanna feel that way again.


  1. You're back!!

    Happy New Year! :D

    p/s: you're not alone when it comes to "not getting any action.." trust me :P

  2. Dude, methinks 10 is caused by 5 and 8. You fix them, you fix 10.

    : )

  3. Ouch. That hurt, Bert! Now that you have made it so very clear that my fav blogging topics do nothing for you, methinks I have to start playing WoW and blog about it to retain your interest in my blog!
    *not a happy camper*

  4. Everyone: Ha ok just wanna make it clear that this entry is not targetted at ANY specific individual.

    Waverly: Are you suggesting I go for plastic surgery?

    Malz: Ha ok thanks for sharing, dearie!

  5. Hahaha, of course not! I mean, if you look fierce / unfriendly if you don't smile, then maybe ... smile more?