Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This is my country, this is my land

It's that time of the year where I don my army uniform and serve my beloved country. Yup yours truly is on reservist duty for these two weeks. It's actually going pretty well, except for the fact that the camp is all the way in bloody Tuas so i gotta wake up at 6 every morning, which is insanely early for me.

But seems like they have changed a lot of protocols in the past year, especially with regards to the uniform. We now need to have a "Singapore" tag on the top of our breast pocket, and our sewn name tags have to be plain instead of camouflaged like it currently is. Which is kind of ironic because 10 years ago it was plain, but they made us change to camouflaged. I can't really fathom why they wanna change it, maybe they want the enemy to be able to see your name clearly if they are trying to kill you, that they are hoping it will make them feel more guilty about killing something who has a a name?

Oh and you also need to sew your vocation on your collar. It's like they are trying to put badges/emblems in whatever free space of your uniform that they can find. I won't be surprised if next year we have to put the entire Singapore flag on the backs of our uniforms. Or maybe sponsorship logos.

But one thing still hasn't changed.

Cookhouse food still sucks ass.


  1. No no. No flag on your back. Just TONS and TONS of iron-ons all over your uniform! whee! It'd be like a puzzle of sorts. Your entre military personality ironed onto your uniform.

  2. I'm sure eventually they're gonna allow a space for a patch of your favourite band somewhere on there.

  3. how about i love mom somewhere in the middle too haha. hope you're doin fine bert, got loads to tell you (:

  4. First off, thanks for serving in that capacity. As an American I say thank you. Second, nice point on the clearing up name badge thing. I'd have a hard enough time shooting anyone, but if I saw their name on them or anything personal it would haunt me forever LOL...

  5. I'm sure you look sexy in your army uniform.

  6. Maddie: Iron-ons eh?

    Anonymous: Actually that would be so cool.

    Preetha: Actually that's not a bad idea. But I would wanna put your name there instead.

    Edgewalker - Im not an american! Ha yeah exactly, that's probably why they changed it .

    FF - Well only one way to find out!

  7. LOL... Well thanks wherever you are :)

  8. Wont you put my name on your back bertie baby??

    Missed you and your posts....take care now....

  9. Ha. I don't think the name tag would slow anyone from killing you, but I'm sure it gives your commanding officer something to yell.