Friday, November 17, 2006

Update from Tampa Airport

Alright I am at Tampa Airport right now waiting for my flight to LA, so just thought I do a quick update.

As expected, I got hauled over for a "random" security check at the gate. Random my brown ass. They wiped my belongings with some sort of cloth which they then put through a machine to scan for residue, I'm guessing, from explosives. She was friendly enough though, not like the staff who interrogated me when I arrived.

So the conference was pretty interesting, I gotta see a whole lot of new technologies as well as the latest (High Performance Computing) HPC offerings from our major competitors. Saw some pretty cool demos as well, there was one where you could travel around earth and see buildings and mountains in 3D using a remote controller, it was based on Google Earth. There was also another where you had a virtual baseball game, where a computer pitcher throws a ball at ya and you try to swing an actual baseball bat to try to hit it. K I think it's cooler if you see it in person.

Also gotta know quite a lot of really nice people when I was there. There was Phillip from Denver who was this pretty funny guy, Carlos from Brazil who was really nice, he drove us around the whole time we were there, or at least what little time we had free. And of course there was Silvia, this really nice Italian girl who had like the funkiest earrings and beads I seen. I think those were the highlights of the trip for me, the people I gotta know.

Hoping to meet more people in LA, and also to catch up with my good buddy James, it's been forever since I saw him. My next update will probably be on Monday at LA Airport, that's all from me now.


  1. I remember during a busines trip to the US, I was detained as they could not comprehend how a person could only have 1 name with no middle name or last name. When I gave my name he kept asking "so what is your last name"...then "so what is your middle name"..etc and this went on for a good 15 mins.

  2. Oh ok that must have really sucked. Like you should have told them, if it was a fake passport don't you think I would have added a last name?