Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Update from LA Airport

Waiting for my flight back home, it leaves in an hour.

Had a pretty great time here, thanks to my buddy James who was such an amazing host, did more than what I even expected just to make me feel at home. You probably won't read this but if you do, thanks man I really appreciate it!

Couple of funny stuff I encountered while I was here. One was I kept seeing this street called "Ped Xing" as we drove around, I found it really strange that they had streets with the same name in different parts of the city. I asked James about it and he told me that it meant "pedestrian crossing". And then laughed at me for being a dumbass. Like hello how was I supposed to know?

Saturday was INSANE. They had this big (american) football game between Michigan and Ohio State, and everyone was watching it. We went to the bar at noon and started drinking. At noon. I don't even remember the last time I drank during lunch time. Then after the game ended we drank even more. By the end of the day I had downed like 8 pints of beer and 3 glasses of wine. I was pretty alright till the wine. James said I was drunk, but my definition of drunk is when I don't remember what I did or said the previous night, and I still did. His friend who was with us on the other hand, WAS drunk. He was rambling non-stop at the end , and we accompanied him back to his apartment before we left. But he was a pretty cool guy though.
Woke up on Sunday with a really bad`hangover, but still managed to do some shopping. Bought myself a couple of really nice shirts and jeans from this shopping center called Target, it's so great to finally be able to choose something nice AND find my size for that piece of clothing. Spent quite a bit of cash but it was really worth it.

Ended the day by heading down to Hollywood, it was not as WOW as I thought it would be, but still pretty cool. The street performers were nice, there were guys dressed up as characters like darth vader, ariel, supergirl and you could take pics with them for a price. Also checked out Santa Monica Beach and Orange Country. But I do have to say one thing, LA chicks are pretty hot.

Alright flight is boarding, I'm off!


  1. So does that mean it is Merry Crossmas instead?

  2. Think what is he trying to say is that Xmas is a short form for Christmas but Xing is short form for crossing. Meaning X=Cross but for Xmas, X=Christ. This is a general misconception that X in Xmas is a short form for Christ because of the word criss cross. X is actually a greek word. Greek letter X, - Chi or Khi - which is the first letter in the Greek word "Christos" or "Kristos" (Greek: CristoV) The Greek and Hebrew word "Christos" comes out "Messiah" and mean the same thing: "The anointed One.