Sunday, November 26, 2006

Two really funny videos and Taboo.

How to avoid sexual harassment

Tom Cruise is a Sith Lord.

I was playing Taboo at a friend's birthday party earlier. It's like charades but with certain words you can't say out. For example, you can't say boxer when the word is Mike Tyson. So it was our turn , and one of the guys stepped up to describe the word.

Guy: It's something you don't wanna step on when you are jogging.
Me: Land Mine!

Immediately everyone on my team started laughing uncontrollably. Like what the hell, does anyone wanna step on a land mine while jogging? I don't think so!


  1. I'd have gone for uncovered manhole in the middle of Chennai.

  2. Hey Bert... its all about context. How often would a Singaporean have come across a land mine (in the 'flesh' - so to speak...)whereas, most of us are pretty much aware of the perils of squishy remnants of many a four-footed companions morning/evening walks...

    And btw, I swear you looked ok in the photo. Really. Uhm. Yeah. That's all.