Thursday, November 09, 2006

Flying off tomorrow

I'm off to Tampa bay, Florida tomorrow for the Supercomputing 2006 conference. It's like a huge event that they hold every year, and this is my first time going for it so I am pretty excited.

Words can't express how big of a deal this is. Think of it as Spring Break for geeks. But instead of ogling at hot women in bikinis, we will be ogling at the latest hardware and technologies in the areas of high performance computing and storage. And add to that I am finally meeting people I chat with every night in the high performance computing channel on IRC, and will finally be able to converse with people in real life about technical stuff without the other party yawning. You can't ask for much more in life I tell ya.

The conference ends on the 17th, after which I am heading down to Los Angeles to meet my old JC friend James who lives there, haven't seen him in almost 3 years. I didn't really wanna go at first, but he convinced me by telling me that Indian men were considered exotic in LA and he would hook me up with a few hot chicks there. Why else do you think I been jogging recently?

All in all it looks like it's going to be a pretty fun trip, save for the 20+ hour plane ride there and back. Will update more when I get there.

On an unrelated note, the government is amending laws to make oral and anal sex are gonna be legal soon! Thank god, finally! Cos' it's really annoying when hookers go "Sorry, I can't do that, it's illegal.", I'm sure other guys out there will agree no?

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