Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tip: Do not smile at boys or men at a gym or fitness club

Every Monday when I go for muay thai at the fitness club I see this young 14 year old ang moh* kid there, he usually ends his session just as we begin ours. My lady friend, a closet pedophile, thinks he's really hot. K the truth is he's not that bad looking, blue eyes, blond hair, you know the type. But so NOT my type.

Anyway yesterday I was sitting at the couch of the fitness club, waiting for my friend to arrive. Suddenly I see the kid walking in my direction, he had just finished his session. Our eyes met, so I smiled at him warmly in recognition. The little punk didn't smile back! In fact he just simply glared at me as if he wanted to beat me up or something. I thought it was rather rude of him, but said nothing, mainly because I was afraid he would actually beat me up. The guy was only 14-15 at the most, but the size of his biceps and calves were like double mine.

So I did the smart thing and pretended to check my phone for messages while peering at him from the corner of my eye, but he kept glaring at me. Moments passed and I think he finally realized I was not going to be goaded into staring back (and getting beaten up), so he took the lift down. Yep my anti-bullying tactic I learnt back in school worked again - kids will find you too pathetic to beat up if you don't even look them in the eyes as they surround you.

Minutes later my friend came out of the lift.

Friend: Hey you know that cute ang moh kid we see every week? He smiled at me.
Me: Really? That bloody punk glared at me when I smiled at him. He was lucky he took the lift before I could get up, I was gonna beat the crap outta him.
Friend: Oh you brave macho stallion. Maybe he thought you were gay?

Oh yeah, that explains it. I neglected to mention that the majority of the guys there seemed to be gay. K it's not as bad as the RAW gym I blogged about a while back, but yeah it seems like 2 out of 3 guys I see there are gay. The kid was probably thinking I was trying to hit on him or something, hence him staring at me as if he wanted to beat me up. Seriously, what's wrong with smiling at another guy in a gym? Is it gay to be friendly?

*ang moh - caucasian


  1. i realise that, this being Singapore, apparently it's 'weird' and wrong to smile at anyone anywhere for that matter.

    try walking around Orchard beaming a silly grin on your face; you'd probably get on the news at night.

    that is, if you don't get walloped on the streets first.

  2. i agree with stoned nerd.

    in singapore..JUZ DUN SMILE TO ANIONE..unless u noe that person and the person actually noes u.