Friday, October 20, 2006

Thou shall not ask for a guy's steak if you have nothing to offer in return

K a friend and I went to Phin's Steakhouse at Tampines Mall last week for dinner. I had the New York steak on the recommendation of the waiter, medium rare, while she had the aglio olio.

The steak was heavenly. It was really juicy and mouth watering, and was easily one of the best steaks I had in a while. But then again, I don't really go for steaks that often, and even when I do it's of the "mutton steak" variety that you get at the coffee shops. So yeah don't take my word for it and curse me when it doesn't meet your expectations when you try it.

So there I was completely enjoying my lovely steak, and I realized the friend was staring at me. Probably because I was making this gurgling sound as I ate it, you know the kind babies make when they are really happy. So of course I had to do the gentlemanly thing and offer her a piece, which she accepted.

K it turned out to be a huge mistake, because she absolutely loved it. She offered me a portion of her dinner in return, but I refused because I don't like aglio oglio. I don't like the oily nature of it, and I don't even like the name of it. It's a dish damn it, not a rhyme! Anyway I then proceeded to devour the rest of my steak, but I couldn't help missing the chunk that she had taken earlier. Minutes later...

Her: The steak is really good.
Me: Yes it is. You should really order this the next time you come here.

K there was a long uneasy silence after that, for reasons that I am still unsure of, so I decided to break the silence by doing another pretty gentlemanly thing.

Me: So...would you like another piece?
Her: Oh yes please, thank you.
Me: Errrm....actually I was just being polite.

K seriously everyone knows that the rule is to refuse the second time. Especially if the other person has refused your dish in exchange. I mean it was obviously not a fair exchange, my two pieces of amazing steak for absolutely nothing in return. I did nothing wrong damn it!!

But yeah her demeanor after I said that was pretty upsetting to the point where it was hampering my enjoyment of the steak, so I reluctantly cut off another piece and gave it to her, saying that I was only kidding about the "polite" bit. But of course, I made sure that the piece I cut was as small as it could be, but not small enough that it would be insulting. Hey I am a gentleman after all.

Besides women shouldn't eat so much beef, it's bad for their health. I read that in an issue of Playboy. So in a way I was actually doing her a favor. But yeah next time if you gonna ask for a portion of my food make sure you have something equally good to trade. Like lobster. Otherwise don't even bother alright.


  1. I've been wanting to try Phin's for awhile and you entry made my mouth water.

    I am, for the record, female. And so far, medium rare cow meat hasn't rendered me unconscious or made my breasts shrink, so I think I'll give Phin's a shot.

    PS. You could've concentrated finishing your steak as quickly as you could, all the while proclaiming that you're starving. (and never offer this friend any food in the future, unless it's food that you don't want)

    Try it next time!

    Honestly. No one would deny a starving man his steak. Or fries. Or side dish of potatos and peas.

  2. Ha ok, sure I would love to bring you there, we could both have steak together. Yes I'm asking you out, your sergeant picture did it for me. Add me on MSN won't ya? Addy is in my profile!