Wednesday, October 04, 2006

L6: Update

I finally got around to bringing my malfunctioning Motorola L6 to the service center on Wednesday, after countless requests by women* to get it fixed. Sigh sometimes I long for the days when I wasn't so popular with women. Like when I was the president of the chess club in secondary school.

The queue was thankfully short, and I waited no more than 5 minutes before a customer service officer attended to me. He was a short Chinese guy, fairly cute, and extremely polite for a guy. I detailed my problem to him, which was mainly that the damn interface hanged every time I tried to type out a message or add a contact. He took the phone from my hands rather suddenly, brushing my fingers lightly with his for a quick moment. It was quite uncomfortable to say the least, but I figured it was an accident.

After a few minutes of fiddling with my phone he looked at me, smiled apologetically and said that he would have to give it to his engineers to take a look , and it would take a couple of days. I asked him if they could loan me a spare phone, and he told me he would check to see if they had any.

He came back a couple minutes later with a phone. To call it huge would be a gross understatement, it was almost the size of one of those cordless phones and as long as my the length of my hand. You would think that a company like Motorola could afford more decent phones to loan out to their customers.

I had to call a friend who I was supposed to meet in a bit, so I tried accessing the phonebook, but I still couldn't figure it out after 5 minutes, the interface was that crappy. And the window only accepted like 3 words on one line of an SMS before you had to scroll down. Yes, is was the kind of phone Motorola gives to their customers. Anyway it was only 2 days and I had little alternative so I accepted the phone.

I went back to the office and charged my phone since it was almost flat. 10 minutes later I noticed a burning smell in the air. I checked my laptop but it was fine, and then I realized it was the phone. Yes, the damn phone was emitting smoke. I think the battery must have imploded or something, as part of the keypad was bloated probably due to the extreme heat. So not only did they give me an ancient phone, but they put my life in danger! Hey, I could have gotten a call and placed the phone on my ear and burned myself or something.

Am going back later to get my phone back, going to mention the incident to them, but probably not gonna make a big deal about it as long as I get my phone back.

*mainly my sis and mom.


  1. WHY NO UPDATES ?????


  2. the phone was smoking? lmao! no fucking way!