Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jogging at East Coast

Last Friday, I went jogging with 2 friends at East Coast Parkway. One was my guy friend who was training for his annual physical fitness test, and the other was a girl friend that I recently got re-acquainted with after a long absence.

I kept a faster pace than I am usually used to. I blame it on male pride, we always have this need to exert our superiority over women in tests of physical endurance . I expected that sooner rather than later, my friend would tire pretty soon and ask to slow down the pace, therefore effectively admitting to my better physical conditioning. We ran the first 1 km, and quite surprisingly she kept pace with me without any complaints. Brave girl, I thought to myself, but I knew she wouldn't last.

We had now run close to 2km and she still kept pace with me, and even worse, she didn't even seem that tired. I on the other hand, was panting like a rabid dog by this stage. I started to get a bit nervous, it seemed like my plan might backfire on me. She did ask me if I was ok, but I just replied flippantly that this was the "rabid dog panting" breathing control technique that I read from a website and that it really helped regulate my breathing, I couldn't tell if she bought it though, mainly because she probably couldn't hear what I was saying in between all that huffing and puffing. My other friend was behind us for most the way, he had decided to stick to his own pace rather that try assert his male superiority like I did.

We finally reached McDonalds which was the halfway mark and I sprinted ahead as we reached it, raising my arms in victory. I did that because I knew by then that my tank was pretty much empty, I was probably gonna struggle for the jog back to our starting point. But hey at least I could claim the halfway mark win. K I know it wasn't a competition but it should have been, maybe that was why I didn't run as fast I could. Yes I think that's it.

On the jog back I really started to struggle as I had known I would, while she still seemed as fresh as she was when we first started off. I had now gone from "rabid dog breathing" technique to "rabid dog whining while being sodomised" breathing technique, it was not pretty. She slowly pulled away from me despite my attempts to block her from going past me with my body, and I ended the jog like a full 5 minutes after she did. Oh my other friend who kept to his own pace throughout the race also ended up in front of me.

Anyway I learnt an important lesson from this jog. Never let your male pride dictate your pace, or you risk ending up whining like a dog that just been sodomised.


  1. 'I ended the jog like a full 5 minutes after she did.' Hmm..it felt like 10 mins to me. Heh

    Anyhow couldn't you tell? I was trying to stifle my panting too. Got to keep up the appearance of being fit too since I'm the only girl there.

    So when's our next TAF club run? Btw think fort road to bedok jetty and back is 10km, can try that next time.

  2. FINE. It was 10 minutes!!!! I suck ok, I don't deserve to call myself a man!! That's what you wanna hear me say right, you happy now??? Does it make you feel good to hit someone when they are down!!?

    Ha 10 km, that's what I love about you, your sense of humor. I mean really, 10km...that's just hilarious!!

  3. Rabid dog panting... HAHAHAHA. Poor you.

    Your gal friend's physique is impressive btw!