Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Howdy from Hillsboro, Portland

Yo what up my brudders and sistas! It's Master G checking in from the funky town of Hillsboro!

K fine no one talks like that here. It's like 5 am here but I can't sleep, so just thought I give a really quick update to you people.

Hillsboro is in fact a really quiet town, not that many people. There is like one building every kolometre, except for certain parts of the town where they have all the eateries and stuff. It's so quiet that I haven't seen any cabs or buses here so far, and the hotel actually drives me by car to wherever I want within a 5 mile radius, for free.

It's freezing cold, like 4 - 5 degrees Celcius, but I seem to be the only one going around in a thick winter jacket, so I quickly dropped it for my windbreaker after the first day. Not that I get out much, I was working for a day and a half straight from the time I landed, as we are working on a really strict deadline. The only time we go out is for lunch and dinner, so it's pretty sucky.

But the service here is amazing, the best I had so far. The waiters and waitresses are really friendly, genuinely so, and it's really a huge difference from what you get in Singapore. And they go the extra mile, like today my colleague couldn't finish his food, so the waiter asked him if he would like to pack it for later, without even being prompted. Tips are usually 15-20% of the bill, but seriously I think it's worth it for that level of service.

Maybe Singapore should follow that lead, abolish the service charge and introduce tipping. It would really improve service in my opinion, at least that way people in the customer service industry (like Genie) would feel genuinely appreciated for the work they put in, unlike now where it's quite the thankless task according to most of them.

Oh and unfortunately I was hoping for free porn in the hotel room, but no such luck. I think they should at least introduce a free porn channel with like more mature or butt ugly women, just to entice people to pay for the "premium" one.

I was originally supposed to be here till the end of next week, but that's cancelled so will be flying back this Fri morning (Sat noon Singapore time) so will only be back like Sunday morning.

I hope to do some shopping before I get back, but if things stay the way they are it's highly unlikely. So for those who asked me to get stuff for them, I might not be
able to ok. K signing off!


  1. dude..u gotta be kidding..SINGAPOREANS ARE SUCH CHEAPSKATES!!!

    the older generation tt is.well..the aunties..ah peks..and wad have u..

  2. You're ready to roll on msn heh.

    Unfortunately the sergeatn pic was too manly for my taste so I removed it. If you want you can still find it on my blog haha.

    And yes yes.. you, my boyfriend and I can go to Phin's and order a NY steak each. Bring your friend! The one who fancies other people's steaks hoho.

    Because.. The steak's always tastier on the other side! (I'm sorry I actually thought that was funny. i mean no offense to your friend whatsoever.)

  3. Kid: Well have to start somewhere. If they can make pple stand on one side of the escalator, they can get people to tip.

    maddie: Errm very subtle hint about the boyfriend, I almost missed it. but 3's a crowd la, don't wanna make him feel left out. He can join us the next time we go for a movie.

  4. they fly you over then don't let you look around? that's unfair :( anyway enjoy yourself :) waiterrant is hilarious!

  5. Preethos: Why mention waiterrant?? What does that have to do with my post???

    Le Raine: Hey that's what they used to call me in the streets.