Thursday, September 14, 2006

Weight is not an appropriate conversation starter

Yes the title would seem like an obvious statement, but apparently it isn't as obvious to some people.

I was having dinner with my friend R last week when she saw a former acquaintance of hers, someone she hasn't seen in a while. At first the friend of hers didn't seem to recognize her, but then he realized who she was and came over. Now, I was expecting the guy to say something like "Hey, it's been a while, how ya been?" or something to that effect. But what he (let's call him ASS) said totally took me by surprise:

Ass : "I'm sorry but I REALLY need to tell you this. You REALLY put on a lot of weight." (Yes he emphasized the word "really")

WTF!!? Why the hell do people say stuff like that? I hated it when my relatives said that to me when I went over to pay them a visit. And they wonder why I rarely come to visit them nowadays. Seriously, here's a tip for people who love to give those kind of comments - people KNOW that they put on weight, you do NOT need to tell them. We know that our clothes did not shrink. We know that the reason we can no longer walk up the stairs without sighing is not because they have gotten steeper.

To her credit, R took it pretty well. And the insane thing is she looks fine to me, but the way he said it was like she had put on a million pounds. Not that it would be ok for him to say it then. And people wonder why young girls nowadays are starving themselves to the brink of death just to stay stick thin.

If it had been me, I would have probably replied with "OMG Really?? Thanks for telling me, I never noticed!" or "You don't look so hot yourself" or " Well true, but I still look better than that girl you went out with last time, the one that looks like a horse?". Alright fine, I would have probably just stayed silent and then cry myself to bed that night. Yes, I am very non-confrontational in person (AKA I have no balls).

So don't be like ASS, and think before you speak the next time you feel the need to point out flaws in someone you meet.


  1. that ASS deserves a whack! insensitive @#%%@$


  2. My name is NOT JAN !!! i have just coined this term 'not-happy-jan' to describe myself whenever im ...not happy :p

    Happy Birthday Hero...its nice to see you're back...yea this whole weight thing..tactless.I presume ASS is never gonna get any with That charm.But you're a gd guy...i can sense these things.(or at least id like to think)

    BTW, what exactly is the point of the word verification thingy i ave to do all the time?I have perfect eyesight...but that thing is making me doubtful!The letters seem to be in some sly and constant motion..

  3. Lettecino: Yes he is, isn't he. Men!!

    Jan: Well Jan is nicer than ****. Oh the word verification is because in the past I got a lot of spam comments, this are actually bots that automatically post comments about porn sites etc., word verification stops those comments.

  4. *mumbles abt how insensitive certain mofos can get* Hmmph..Trust me..I SO understand.

  5. Oh my goodness. I hope someone hits him really hard. Right in the kisser, so that he loses a couple of teeth.

    Then when he's out on a hot date, his dentures can fall into the mee poh he's sharing with his date.

  6. *applauds*

    -Natasha. =)

  7. Usually my reaction is "F*&% off and die" if weight is the first topic of discussion. Or a string of "lovely" Hokkien swear words. There are some people out there who have absolutely no tact!

    However, you on the other hand, are sweet and sensitive :)

  8. wow, some people are unbelievable....