Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Muay Thai again

Yesterday was my 2nd lesson of muay thai, and thankfully it was slightly better. Emphasis on slightly. I didn't rush my punches and kicks this time around, and thankfully I managed to greatly reduce my girly punches/kicks to like 5%. But at the end of the warmdown, we were made to do chin-ups, sit-ups and push-ups. Hmm it was as if the instructor wanted to see if he could break me by focusing on my weakest body parts - my girly arms and my beer belly, which i refer to affectionately as my baby.

I think we did like a 100 crunches, and at the end I couldn't even sit up without assistance. I could almost felt my baby dying inside my tummy. Then it was push-ups. I lost count of how many we did, but in the end I was doing girl pushups. I could almost feel the look of disgust the instructor gave me even though he was standing behind me, but at that point I was too tired to care.

After the lesson, my friend brought me to this California Fitness booth at Novena Square to take a fat/fitness test. Apparently California Fitness are opening a new branch at Novena Square, so they were giving all these tests and freebies to promote the opening of their branch.

I was pretty apprehensive at first as I was not sure how the machine worked. I was wondering what would it do if it found me too fat. Would it say in a robotic voice - "Congrats. You have the fat content of a baby hippo." ? Oh would there be flashing red lights and sirens? I mean you never know what these people might resort to get others into the gym.

The guy who helped me with the test was a short guy with huge biceps. His biceps were so huge that it was all I could do NOT to squeeze them, just to see if they were real. He helped me onto the machine, gave me these two handles to grab on to, and then told me to wait while the machine computes my "fatness". Five minutes went by and the machine was still computing. I was beginning to worry that maybe there was too much fat for it to compute, I was half expecting an error message saying "Infinite fat detected, unable to compute" or something like that. But then finally it completed its analysis and the results came out in a printout.

The results were actually pretty decent. It said that I was pretty fit, I had gotten a fitness score of 78 which puts me in the good category (80 is very good). I had to lose 11 kg of fat to reach my ideal weight, but everything else was pretty normal. I'm glad I did the test, I knew that I had become fitter after all that running, but at least now I have a piece of paper to prove it. And you can't put a price on that. Now if they only had a machine which after it does the fat analysis immediately performs liposuction on the affected areas.

Now that would be really something.


  1. I've wanted to take Muay Thai for about half my life. But i just got no guts to go by myself. The one time i engaged enough liver to go and have a look, i went on fight night, all the aggro ninja (or whatever the muay thai equivalent is) types were sparring.

    Wah lau.

  2. Ha there is no fight night where I go. It's like an open air area, and you just hit the bags. There isn't even a ring there.

    But yeah I would never have gone by myself either, so it was great that a friend was the one who asked me to join her.

  3. Hey, Cali at Novena has been trying to get us to join by offering corporate discounts... lol! I have been seriously considering joining the fitness club... Now, don't tell me I'll bump into you one of these days!

  4. Lanfear: Yeah I'm there every monday evening for muay thai at revenue house.

  5. how much does it cost u for the muay thai lessons? I'm thinking of doing that when i'm back for a few months. hmmmm