Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Float like a turtle, sting like a butterfly (Part 2)

Eventually the instructor couldn't bear to see me in action anymore, and he promptly asked me to "take a rest" at the side while the others kept training. Of course that was codeword for "Stop embarrassing yourself and me, I will not have you insult my dojo". So I stood at the side as the rest continued their drills, slowing waiting for my arms to regain some feeling.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity he let me into the sacred circle again. This time I was resigned to the fact that I had no dignity left. I will probably be, from now on, known as the Indian guy with the flailing girl arms. So I took my time with my punches and kicks. It was still really tough, but at least I reduced the amount of senseless flailing that I had resorted to earlier and did regain some measure of dignity.

Finally (and thankfully) it ended. My arms hanged uselessly by my side as I thanked the instructor, I had no more strength to even lift them. I took a quick shower and headed back to the train station. And I realized I couldn't climb the stairs to the station, my legs and hands just wouldn't obey my order for them to go against gravity. I had to practically haul myself up by pulling myself up using the metal railing at the side of the stairs. A man who was going down the stairs looked at me as I struggled up, and then he fished out his wallet and offered me ten dollars. Yes, he thought I was some sort of poor invalid and he was probably impressed that I could actually climb the stairs or something. I politely declined by grunting (I was too tired to talk) and he apologized and hurried away.

So that was my first taste of muay thai, AKA bloody torture. And I am going to do it next Monday as well. Yes despite all that pain, it was actually very cathartic to punch and kick the damn bag, I was imagining someone I really hated while I was doing it, and for that brief 5 minutes it felt good. And also it was an amazing workout, my hands haven't felt this exhausted since that 6 hour porn marathon I went through when I was a teen. Let's wait and see how my 2nd lesson goes.


  1. Haha.. u mean ur arms hurt more at muay thai than when u were rifle twirling silent precision drill squad living on the edge that u might be injured so badly that u can never even twirl a pen?Oh...the pain that we went thru...

  2. you were a twirl boy??! wahaha. btw femme's comment is hilarious - moby. haha!

    but anyway, you're gonna be some hot stuff at the end of all those lessons eh ;)

  3. Care to elaborate on the 6-hr porn marathon?

  4. Devile: Eh ok la back then we still young mah, now the pain is double.

    Preethos: Ha SO FUNNY. Not.

    Waverly: Sure. My hand was practically lifeless at the end of the marathon. I leave you to guess why.

  5. Oh Willy, you inspire me! So free! So free! I shall go the gym now although I have been attacked by a severe bout of laziness and lethargy.

    Hey that rhymed. In a lameass sort of way.

  6. damn bad to me. fine so we arent similar in our sense of humour. but why so bad to me?

  7. hahahah ten dollars can take cab!