Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Float like a turtle, sting like a butterfly (Part 1)

K I am going to let you guys in on a little secret. I been jogging like 14 km a week for the past couple months, in my third and final attempt at maintaining a regular exercise regime. I been feeling much fitter since I first started, so when a friend asked me to join her muay thai class, I was thinking "Why not? She's a girl, and if she can do it I'm pretty sure I can too!". And so I agreed, fully confident that my 2 plus months of regular exercise would probably make it not that tough for me.

So we arrived promptly for the lesson, and first they made us do stretching. We had to put our legs up on this ledge, but I couldn't stretch my leg far enough. Hey, it's a common (and very known) problem among guys with huge dicks alright. Off to a bad start, but I decided I will make up for it for the actual lesson.

Next was skipping rope. K I kind of panicked, I haven't skipped rope since secondary school. But there was this other woman who looked like she was in her late 30s who was also attending the class, and she was doing pretty fine, so I decided it was probably like cycling, you can't forget it. I was wrong. I skipped like I just got stabbed in my right foot. I think I barely stringed five skips together before I stepped on the rope. K fine 0 out of 2, but there is still the actual lesson, I was determined to really give a good showing in that.

So now it was time for the lesson proper, punching and kicking the punching bag. I started off furiously, I was determined to at least gain some pride back after my poor showing in the warm up and skipping rounds. I was doing a pretty good job. For about 2 minutes. Then my arms began to feel like lead. Then my legs. Pretty soon I was hitting the bag like a girl. No not a girl, because my friend was doing it way better than me. I was hitting the bag like a primary school girl. You seen how they fight, they just flail their arms about and hope they hit something. I was doing EXACTLY that. Oh and I was moaning at the same time, like a whale that just been harpooned.

(To be continued tomorrow)


  1. oh bert! u exaggerate! you did pretty well. really! before you know it, you'd be kicking ass (i.e.: with balls and all) hehe. =)


  2. A friend once persuaded me to come to a boxercise class with her.

    I went down the same exact route you did... by the time they had us punching bags etc i was so worn out by the "warm up" i was hitting the bag like ah lians play-hit their boyfriends.... bah

  3. I think I'd probably die at one of those classes. I hate skipping! I just end up bouncing all over the place :( And punching some bag? Hell nooooo! I've only got energy in my right arm to lift my cigarette to my mouth and energy in my left arm to carry a pint of beer ;)

  4. Natasha: Ha thanks for the kind words love, if only you weren't attached. Ermm bf doesn't read this blog does he? ;)

    C: Ha yes that was me. I was hitting the bag as if it had just broken up with me.

    Elise: Ha well to be honest, the thought of you bouncing around is kind of appealing. Yes I'm a perv.


    :O :O :O

    Alright, back to the topic...maybe *cough*age*cough* has caught up with you? :P

  6. Harpooned like a whale?

    Dude, have you actually SEEN those things in documentaries? Somehow I cannot picture a whale moaning at a punching bag, but yeah, I get your drfit Moby. :)