Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Does my face scream serial rapist? (Finale)

So I sat there all moody and dejected after my new friend deserted me for some other friend's wedding. But then another group joined our table, a father and daughter. The daughter was kinda cute but kinda young , I think she was probably around 19. But hey age is just a nuisance number and she's legal, so I waited for her to look in my direction, and then I gave her my friendliest non-perverted smile ever.

What do you know, she smiled back, and it was a pretty sweet smile. And then she started heading towards my direction. Yes she was going to sit beside me! I thanked god for finally giving me a break. But then just as she was going to sit down, a voice bellowed "No, sit here!". It was her dad. She looked at him for a moment, as if contemplating whether or not to defy him, but then she gave me a sad smile and moved over to the other seat. Her dad then took the seat beside me and gave me a really long hard stare. It was as if he knew of my plans to defile his little girl or something.

By now the table was completely full of people who seemed to know everyone else, with the exception of me. I felt as if I was intruding on some family reunion to be honest. And then hot girl finally decides to strike up a conversation with me. From across the table. And hence allowing everyone to listen in on our conversation. She started asking me about what I worked as, where I studied etc etc. And I kept giving really curt answers because I didn't feel like sharing my personal details with everyone in the table. But she didn't stop. After 5 minutes of forcibly sharing my life details with a table of complete strangers, I excused myself and left soon afterwards.

And so ends the serial rapist trilogy. It was pretty sucky for the most part, but I did get to meet this really amazing guy, so it wasn't a total disaster. I only wished I had gotten his number, I would have loved to hang out with him sometime. Oh and I forgot to mention in the other post, he paid me a really nice compliment - he said I looked younger than my age. I almost blushed when he said that. Some people just have that knack of making people feel good about themselves. Maybe someday I will get to repay the favor.


  1. hey hi....nice post(sounds like a spammer rite???)...i have finished reading all you archives as well....too gud dude....good luck...

  2. Bert,

    I feel like killing u...

  3. the guy sense gay vibes coming from you. yes thats must be it.

  4. Potong steam lah you!
    How come part 1 more interesting than part 2 and the finale???? Thou shalt learn how to write proper cliffhanger posts and not lose the humour alongst thy way. Savvy?

  5. Femme: Ermm have u seen star wars trilogy. The first one always the best one. And this is real life can, not a movie.

    Inex: Ermm but I am not gay.

    Anoy: Join the queue?

    Ram: Thanks ram. Wait that guy's name was ramesh. Is that you?

  6. Goodness gracious me....how did u come to know that i have a multiple personality disorder(oops have i spoken too much)......

  7. bert, your childhood is resurfacing bert. when you had crooked tendencies, remember? youre still exploring arent ya. hahaha

  8. Such a grand and explosive finalé. It only fell short of fireworks and a millitary band. It has changed the course of your life I'm sure.

  9. lmao! for future reference, don't use the phrase, "i met the most AMAZING guy!". EVER. lol