Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Why I haven't been blogging

Quite a few people have been asking me this so I decided to dedicate a blog post to it. Yes the irony. K actually only 2 people have asked me so far, but I am sure many of you out there are silently wondering as well.

It's because I have a life damn it. Yes unlike you people out there blogging every other day, I actually have things that occupy me in the real world. And for the past few weeks I been occupied with this one real life task that has completely consumed me, leaving me with little time for online pursuits. What is it I hear you ask?

Yes that's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. It's a role playing game (RPG) I been completely obsessed with for the past month. And probably the best RPG I have played for a while thanks to its really engrossing storyline. Give me a game with a great story anytime, compared to mindless hacking (Diablo) and shooting (Half-Life) anytime.

Alright I am not gonna bore you with any more details because unless the Force is strong in you you would find it hard to understand what I am saying. But I am almost done replaying the game so you should see regular updates from me soon. In the meantime, follow my example and get a life!!


  1. Ooh, RPG. Haven't come across anyone with that obsession in a long while!

  2. Miss all your ramblings....come back soon......

    I love you Bertie Baby!!!!!

  3. aww gilbert. u're such a darling la.

    updated my blog (finally, after so long) think im gonna change address soon.

    miss you! muack muack! meet up with le femme soon k?

  4. Lanfear: Don't tell me you are into RPGs. Please, that would be too good to be true.

    Su: Yes I know u updated, that's the power of RSS!! U could try the new beta blogger, can restrict entries. Sure, maybe go catch a funny movie or something!

  5. Used to be... a looonnng time ago, when I was a student on a shoestring budget and playing RPG's cost less than half a dozen lychee martinis.

    Really out of touch now, though.

  6. Lanfear: K I am sorry but I have had my heart broken by two many girls who claim to be RPG fans but then lied.

    So here is a test. Who is Imoen and Minsc?

    Your answer determines our future together so answer wisely.

  7. Hmmm - tickles the memory cells. Baldur's Gate? BG2? Jaheira? I think they are on the side of good vs evil.... From what I remember Imoen is this quiet, female character & Minsc is male...???
    Oh, Like I said... been a long time and I'm out of touch.