Sunday, August 13, 2006

The scent of a durian

I was at the supermarket yesterday doing my grocery shopping when I came across these guys selling durians. I breathed in the wonderful smells and my mouth started to water. And that reminded me of a friend, of something he said a couple weeks back. He said he almost tried durians once, but he couldn't bear to because of the stench, which according to him, was comparable to sewage.

Yeah, you heard me right. SEWAGE. Hell if sewage smelt that good I would go swimming in it. I love the smell so much that if they had a durian cologne, I would be the first one to buy it. Yes if you can't tell by now, I am a huge durian lover.

I remember as a teenager the only time I would come out of my room (I spent a lot of time in my room exploring myself) ) was when someone bought durians. Oh and also when my sister's hot friends from school came over, but I digress. We would then lay out newspapers on the floor and start splitting and sucking the sweet succulent cream off the seeds, it was almost like a family ritual. Those were good times.

The friend is question is a foreigner from a non durian eating country. And I notice that the other foreigners i know also can't stand the smell, so I am guessing only non-locals would have that problem. But a friend I talked to earlier also can't stand the smell and she's local. So anyway I just wanted to find out if that's true. Are there any foreigners out there who actually like durians? And are there also locals who find the scent repulsive, or is that local friend of mine like weird or something?

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  1. Try a combination of durians and beer... very potent! :)

  2. my gosh durians and beer?!

    durians are okay and all. nice if you know it's real soft and fresh and all that. but.

    i'd never ever buy durian cologne.

    a foreign friend of mine liked the taste though he was a lil taken aback by the smell at first. but he never once described it as stench. so yeah i spose there are a few foreigners out there who may like the fruit yeah. and there are local friends who dislike durians too. it's a free country. (like real, but yeah whatever. lol)

  3. durians stinnkkkkkkkk...GROSSSSS i hate everything abt themmm...just reading yr post abt durian manspray made me sick already!!!Btw im local but did my degree technically id like to think i aint sporean no more....(you know the kind:pointy shoes,pseudo accecnt,the-weather-in-sg-is-just-too-humid-for-my-hair sort)P.S-i still like yr blog

  4. I am not weird and I bloody hate durians. I went to the supermarket yesterday and I saw tons of durians and immediately I thought of you. Now, that is not a good thought Gilbert.

    Men who remind you of durians are just not going to get anywhere with the ladies. And if you smell of durian, I can guarantee you that your social life will take a plunge into the deep end. Trust me on this one. Resist the urge, good sir. Putrid and vile are not words you want someone to describe you as.


  5. @ Dawn: The Durian is the foulest fruit ever known to mankind. One look at its prickly exterior will tell you that this fruit is up to no good. It is so evil that a mere whiff is sufficient to make you want to regurgitate your intestines.

    It is only around these parts of the world that you might people willingly subjecting themselves to the self-flagellation that is the consumption of a durian.

    And for the record Stallion, I am a local.

  6. I love durians but Punitha hates 'em, mostly because of the way they smell. And there are other locals I know who hate the durian because of the way they smell.
    Crazy people?

    On hindsight, durian cologne sounds slighty repulsive. Not the way to score with the chicas Berto.

  7. I luuuuvvv durian, yummy yummy... but my partner who is NOT local hates them !!.. however, some of his NOT local frenz began their love affairs with Durian & are now madly in love wif Durians...

    However, some of my local frenz do HATE durian too !

    By the way... like yr blog ley... ;)

  8. Hmmm... durians. Ambivalent. I'm not in love with 'em, neither do I hate 'em. I like my durians in small quantities. (tiny durian puffs, anyone? LOL!) Though I am tempted to overindulge, they tend not to agree with me and I get lotsa trouble if I eat too much of the good stuff. And yes, I am local. :-)

  9. I'm sure there are some foreigners out there who appreciate the unique stench that is Durian. Can't stand it myself personally. They were selling them once here in a supermarket... god, what a bad idea that was

  10. Yuckko.

    Dude, durians are evil. You put some seeds in a styrofoam box and leave it in the fridge and the smell permeates through EVERYTHING. Even garlic loses out. I had some watermelon in the fridge and after the durian odour had gotten to it, it tasted funky because I could smell durian on my watermelon.

    And if you EVER wore durian cologne, I will personally see to it that you are exterminated. :P

  11. I lurrrrvvvveeee durians but I lurve you even more Bertie Baby!!!

  12. eww! I just looked up a picture of a durian on wikipedia...that's fruit? I'll stick with oranges, thank you!

  13. AK: Durian and beer? Interesting, have to try it sometime.

    Preetha: That's because u never smelt durian cologne!

    Anon 1: they don't stink! and thanks for liking my blog, i like you for liking it.

    Dawn: Behind that tough as nails exterior lies a great treasure, you have to believe me. I mean if it's that hard to open it should be worth it right?

    Zee: Ha and what makes u think I have a social life now !?

    Sirisha: Eh I thought you were born overseas?

    Bratty: How can u love durians but hate it in a cologne?

    Lanfear: Durian puffs are not durians!! Yes I am a durian elitist.

    C: Man I would have thought you would like them. Don't know why.

    Anony3: Hmm maybe you should hook up with a partner who likes durians, and whose blog u like?

    Femme: It's not an odor, it's a scent!

  14. im indo (not indoN) and i love love love love love Durian! Manjen one, pale manjen one, sweet one, bitter one~ ^^

  15. how different can durian cologne be from the actual smell of durians? i dont want to go anywhere near durian cologne tyvm.
    i agree with zee, you really don't want to risk your social life further (lest the number of your social circle plunges to sub zero) and be known to be PUTRID and VILE.

    DURIANS ARE EVIL (rearrange evil and you get vile. why, i ask you?) bertie. too much of a good thing is a bad thing and when you talk about durian cologne, that's waaaay too much already.

    on a sidenote, i know i haven't been talking much. your blog is one way for me to stay in touch, rather the only way for the next 36 days, so UPDATE d00d.

    and you can keep that dinner treat valid for another coupla months or so (:

    tyvm haha

  16. hey there..came across yr blog thru my fren..very interesting..and i love durains..but my sis hates it..and she's i guess yr fren's not a weirdo :)