Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Say no to premarital sex, kids!

It's hard being a teen nowadays. They are subject to way more pressure than I did when I was one. They have to constantly juggle school work as well as extra curricular activities. They get bombarded with media images telling them how to dress and how skinny they should be in order to be accepted by society. They also have to fend off horny boyfriends and perverted older men who try to take advantage of their naivete. At least that's what the girls in the IRC teen channel tell me.

Anyway I read in today's paper about how Singapore Muslim community is taking steps to discourage pre-marital sex among Muslim teenagers because of the sharp increase in abortions,STDs and pregnancies recently. One of those steps is to get taxi drivers to "advise" teen couples who get into their cab late at night. I think it's a swell idea. What better way to end a date than listening to a talk about the dangers of premarital sex from your friendly cab driver? But I am just wondering how the taxi driver would approach this rather sensitive topic? Maybe it might go something like this:

Girl: I had a really good time tonight.
Boy: I did too. (To cab driver) Hi, could you go to punggol avenue 4?
Cabbie: Oh only one place?
Boy: Yup.
Cabbie: Oh you must live really close to each other eh?(Starts driving)
Cabbie: So are you Muslims?
Boy: Yes we are.
Cabbie: Cool me too! So you guys thinking of having sex later?
Girl: Excuse me?
Cabbie: Well me and my wife have sex pretty often now, and we are both really glad that we waited till we got married. If we had pre-marital sex we probably be so sick of it that we won't be having it at all now. I'm just saying.
Boy: Thanks for sharing.
Cabbie: You are welcome. My friend Ali had sex before he was married, and he's now in the hospital dying of AIDS. You don't wanna die of AIDS, It's not really the best way to die. He tells me that God is punishing him for having pre-marital sex. His wife and children have long abandoned him. He's probably gonna burn in hell for all eternity. Do you kids wanna burn in hell? Well do you??

You know that might just work.


  1. No it should be...

    Cab driver: Pergi mana dek?

    Boyfriend: Punngol bang.

    Cab driver: Oh, stay nearby eh girl or nak pergi main?

    Girlfriend: Apa???

    Cab driver: Jangan main main eh. Abang boleh gatal dengan bini saya. Nak gatal pun pakai kondom. Tada kondom? I drop you dekat 7-11. Boleh buy sana. $4.50 aje! Nanti, tak pakai kondom, dapat HIV ke, AIDS ke, kau tau.

    Boyfriend: Terima kasih bang.

    Okay so my Malay probably sucks but you know how friendly the Malays are with one another. I doubt it would be as serious as what you said. :P

    I hope I don't get stoned for this.

  2. Ha well that's pretty good, but only think is they aren't advocating safe sex, they are advocating abstinence!

  3. lmao! kids don't even listen to their own parents - why on earth would they listen to some random cab driver? ha ha ha!

  4. erm - think you better to delete this post - I think it might offend some muslims.

  5. Well this entry certainly brought a smile to my face. So funny!

    But what a concept to get taxi drivers to teach young people about sex!What are people thinking?

  6. i'm muslim, and i think its dumb tryin to get taxi drivers to preach. i think muslims shld know well enough that the tenets of our law does not include judgement, from anyone-and likewise from us. we teach, educate and the rest, we reason you are smart enough to evaluate what is right and what is wrong. if you're a moron, god save you, and help us. no amount of advice can do anything, really.

    offend? naaah. they're asking for this.

    ps: as if taxi drivers on a whole don't talk enough. my dad is a taxi driver, so don't anyhow say say i am being a taxi-ist hor. =P

  7. that was hilarious...
    seriously.. asking cab drivers to talk to people about premarital is so icky.
    if some cabbie talked to me about premarital sex i wouldnt know whether to laugh or get out of the cab (in a hurry)

  8. Dawn: My sentiments exactly.

    Anonymous: "Some muslims" - Muslim cab drivers who are intending to take part in this project?

    Devile: Maybe they are not (thinking).

    Punkster: Ha that is something I never thought you would say. :)

    Perspective: Yes.

    Sutz: Perhaps Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Mahima: Ermm you aren't really a teenager anymore.

  9. Haha... stumble on your blog...and this is kick ass funny mate...

    oh well... sex these days is overrated... virginity is as not revered as before... if you are in to gurl you would.n care rite... but abstinence is the key... neways good blog... stranger from across the sea.