Thursday, August 24, 2006

My ex-intern found my blog!

This former intern of my department stumbled on my blog by accident and recognized me. Not that I mind, but there was this recent entry about another intern I wrote which could be a bit embarrassing if that particular intern read it and took it seriously.

I make it a point never to blog about people IF I know that they read my blog, mainly because they might take it the wrong way even if I didn't mean any offence; in fact that's what happened in the past. But it's not always foolproof, recently another girl I blogged about (the girl with the very pretty necklace) also discovered my blog, although thankfully she wasn't offended. I always thought that the chance of someone I write about stumbling onto this page was remote, but now I might just have to rethink my blogging policy.

By the way blogger beta ( is out, and it has some really nifty features. :

1. Give your posts labels/tags for easier categorization
2. Control who can read your blog
3. Change the appearance and content of your blog with your mouse instead of HTML

Those 3 are quoted from the official blogger blog. The last isn't so exciting for me, but the first two are long overdue enhancements. Although on second thought, I will probably stick with having another blog for my private posts just so that I don't accidentally post something that was supposed to be private. Will probably move over during the weekend, just in case I encounter any screw ups. You know, after I come back from clubbing 5 am in the morning on Sat, being the party animal that I am. What did you think, that I was going to stay home the entire weekend? Like hello!

But would appreciate it if anyone who has already crossed over can let me know of any problems they are having or had, and things I need to take note of. Thanks.

Oh and before I forget, a shoutout to Nicole! Nice to see ya again love.

p.s. I just realised I overused the word "blog" in this post.


  1. i moved over and found that my template had some problems with the comment function. you can still use your present one, but if i'm not wrong, the new 'Labels' function is for their templates which are the normal ones available. so you can't use your present one with the Label function.

  2. Dun be silly... I know to take everything you write with a pinch of salt :)


  3. Nicolette: Oh I wasn't talking about you love, it was more about what would happen if the other intern found my blog. I know you are cool.

    Keith: Oh ok weird, I thought I saw the link to convert my blog to the new version, but when I logged in on sat it was gone. WTF!

  4. i think they were saying they are allowing the conversion to take place in batches, in order to aid 'smooth transition'. but i didn't get the link too; i went looking for it at

  5. Keith: Thanks I will check it out soon.