Thursday, August 24, 2006

I am a bloody idiot

I was on the train earlier when this old guy started hogging the pole while spreading his arms, taking up like 4 people worth of space in an already crowded train. I was standing next to him, so I decided to take a picture of him with my phone and blog about it now.

My phone is on vibrate as I am always listening to my mp3 player on the train, so I casually dropped my phone and pointed it sideways towards him. And pressed the button.

By pure coincidence, he immediately turned towards me! I quickly pretended to check my phone for messages but the guy kept glaring at me. Thank god I was dropping off at the next stop , I didn't turn back as I exited the train but I was pretty sure he was still glaring at me.

I then started wondering how come he knew I was taking a picture of him as I was pretty careful to not be obvious about it, so I decided to try and take another picture. Imagine my horror as my phone made a super loud shutter sound when I pressed the button. In BLOODY VIBRATE MODE.

Thank god it wasn't some ah beng, probably would have punched me in the face. Stupid phone, I still can't get the camera to stay silent!


  1. lol! well, at least you escaped with your life!

  2. hey don't mind could you tell me more about the game? The price etc..

  3. Dawn: Yeah , if it was one of those punks I probably wouldn't be alive now. Thank the Lord.

    Eunicee: Which game? Are you talking about my star wars post?

  4. All that trouble and you didn't post his picture!

  5. Raine: Ha i got so kanchong that I didn't save it.

    Jes: Motorola L6, but it's been going crazy recently. There was once there was no ringtone for a couple of days.