Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cubicle Etiquette

I was in one of the cubicles in the office loo yesterday and taking a dump when the most foulest stench permeated the air. I almost gagged. No it wasn't me, it was coming from the adjacent cubicle

I am pretty self-conscious when it comes to this, I usually flush every few minutes if it's one of those dumps that are gonna take a while. I do that because I am aware that any scent that is emitted from me is probably something others would not wanna experience.

But apparently from yesterday's experience it's not true of anyone. It was pretty overpowering to the point of being nauseating and I sat there praying to God that he would flush it immediately, but my prayers went unanswered.

In the end I couldn't take it anymore and left the cubicle, my own task uncompleted. It really sucks when you have an unfinished dump. It's like when you are having sex and suddenly you realize that your erection is gone because you got too nervous. Not that it happened to me (as if!), it happened to a really close guy friend of mine, let's call him milberty. But yeah you just end up feeling frustrated and like complete sh*t (no pun intended) because you couldn't finish what you started.


  1. I only *ahem* learnt to be self-conscious recently ...

  2. Strangely enough, it is something that has never occured to me, until maybe the last 2 years or so.

  3. LOL

    "scent that was emitted from me"...
    DUDE, it ain't no scent! It's Odour No. 5 by Indianstallion. Think it would do better than your durian cologne don't you think?

  4. you my dear friend, are a complete crackpot.

    but cool post anyway haha.
    milberty huh. i'm sure ;)

  5. dude, i am having breakfast at work while reading this lah...


    but yeah, i posted on a similar entry before. i just find it rude esp when u start farting ur dump and it doest help toilet accoustics are so much stereo-like. at least flush to muffle thte sound..

    and the smell.....oh gawd. im such a public service girl, i would spray my escada/lolita/hugo or whatever im wearing just to hide the stench loh..

  6. call me finicky, but i can never ever in my life shit in a public cubicle.. NEVER!!
    that reminds me i was long thinking of doing a post on this.. thnx for the reminder ;)

  7. Femme: I present scent. Nah durian cologne would win anytime.

    Preetha: Yes pls don't make fun of milberty, he's a good friend.

    Su: Well i think that's a little overboard. I think people generally accept that there is some smell, but as long as it doesn't linger for more than 30 secounds.

    Jhantu: Well actually me also when I was in school, used to avoid public toilets like the plague. But then I started having bowel problems from holding it in, so finally relented. Bowel infections are not fun.

  8. milberty keeps getting the rough end of the deal huh. poor guy