Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What song would you choose to describe your personality and why?

That was a question they asked a contestant during the Miss Singapore Universe pageant. It's actually not as easy a question to answer as it would seem. I had to think for like half a minute before I could come up with a suitable answer. Here is mine:

I would say everybody hurts by R.E.M. It's a beautiful song about not giving up no matter how bad things get, and I would say that is exactly how I am, I am someone who doesn't give up easily. Thank you.

Pretty good right? Here for comparison, is the contestant's answer (I am paraphrasing):

I choose Don't cha by Pussycat Dolls because they are sexy and I wanna be just like them.

Sigh times like this I wish I was born without balls. I would have made a good pageant contestant.

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  1. sadder than that bimbo's choice of songs was Ms. Singapore's idea of an evening gown.

    check it out