Sunday, July 09, 2006

Taking a risk

My hands trembled as I looked at her, I could only hope that she did not notice them. I have never done this before. But I told myself that there is always a first time, and if I didn't do this now I would spend the next few days regretting it. It was time for me to take a chance and throw myself off the deep end. I took a final deep breath and walked towards her.

She looked at me in anticipation, almost as if daring me to do it. And that moment I froze. I think she knew I was a newbie at this. I don't know how she knew, she just did. I stood there just staring at her not saying anything. Finally she broke the uncomfortable silence.


That one word. So simple yet so powerful. That one word made me realize what I had to do. I have gone too far to turn back now, to do so would only make me look really silly. So I grated my teeth and stretched out my hand. And handed the ticket to her. And she gave me back the betting slip.

100 dollars on Italy to win tonight. I have never bet more than 20 dollars on anything, so this was really a huge step for me. I will know by tomorrow whether my risk paid off. But whatever the result, I am glad I took this chance. Because that is what life is about isn't it?


  1. and ho ho...italy won..

    im a softie..i like ur blog.sweeeeet dude!!

  2. Congrats Gil... U won the bet.. Its a great game hehe... Glad that Italy Won.. I also wish they could win... ;-)

  3. Lost money, cos score is for full time only.

    Ha you know, most people won't know what a softie mmeans outside the forum, they might think something else.

  4. damn. I was hoping for a bigger necklace this time.

  5. good for you, bert! and hooray for gambling!

  6. damn it..i din tink of tt man..hahhaa...holy mother of god..

    im NT a gay. come and go.

  7. Sirisha: I can't get you a necklace, but you can have my heart.

    Dawn: Yeah gambling rocks!!!

    Superkid: Good that you cleared it up. Sigh that was my money to feed my family for the next week.