Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sexuality is a very sensitive topic

It is, especially for me, because I struggled during my teenage years to find out my true sexual identity. Yes you heard that right, the Stallion once contemplated grazing on the other side of the fence. But that was a long time ago, now I am so straight you could use me to draw a line. And it would be a really really long line, we are talking 20 inches. But enough of that distant past, I want to share this rather disturbing experience I had last Saturday.

I was at Harry's Bar with a girl friend of mine and having Tiger Beer, the choice of beverage for real men, when her two guy friends joined us. Of course I was my usual cheerful and friendly self, and I immediately engaged them in friendly banter to make them feel welcome. They seemed nice enough, and one of the guys had the most amazing eyes they were quite breathtaking to be honest, the kind you can just get lost in. Anyway we were chatting and suddenly one of the guys asks me if I was Catholic. I enquired as to why he would think that and he replied that it was because of my T-shirt which had the words "Lamb of God" in the front.

As soon as I heard that I started giggling hysterically, I just found it hilarious that they would think that. After a couple of minutes I calmed myself enough to stop, and then explained to them that it was the name of a metal band, and that it would be really lame for anyone to wear a religious t-shirt and go drinking in a pub. .

An hour went by and I was getting tired, so I took my leave of them and headed back home. The next day my friend told me that her guy friends from last night asked her if I was gay. Yes, they asked if I was GAY. Like WTF!!? Apparently I was giving them the once-over too many times.

As far as I can remember I did no such thing or anything else remotely gayish. Alright there was this one time where I was feeling a tad tipsy and I accidentally placed my hand on the guy's thighs to steady myself, but I did smile at him and say sorry.

Sigh I don't what's wrong with people nowadays, you touch them on the thigh once by accident and immediately you are a homosexual. We live in a sad world I tell you.

Speaking of being gay, Lance Bass from NSync just came out.

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  1. You? Gay? -gasps- No! How could anyone think that?
    Sure, you did once tell me that you imagined being under Christian Bale as he did push ups in Batman Begins but gay? Come on. Of course not.

  2. I said no such thing. And even if I had, shame on you for repeating something that I told you in the strictest confidence. Shame on you.

  3. hey, nothing wrong with that! except that it would be extra painful to get shot down constantly by both girls AND

  4. Guys thinking u are gay just because u looked at them more than once? Those guys must have terribly inflated egos, thinkin' that gays would check them out for their looks. U agree?

  5. Dawn: Yes love, I don't know why it keeps happening to me. Maybe I was like a total player in my previous life or something.

    Kelvin: Ya sia, like i was sitting opp them who else can i look at. Asses.

  6. I think the better question is if THEY were gay?! LOL

  7. Oh honey, I was just saying that so that people could see how secure you were with your manliness!

  8. lol maybe the noticed you noticing his beautiful eyes?!!?!......


    hi there! first time here...:D

  9. sorry i meant HE noticed you noticing my typoism will be the death of me!!