Monday, July 17, 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean sucked

Watched it over the weekend, it was way way too long and totally not funny. And the plot was meandearing with a rather useless subplot involving natives. I found myself looking at my watch around the 2 hour mark wondering when it would end. Next up is Superman, hope that's better. Also wanna catch Murderball, it sounds pretty cool.

Oh and a short snippet from Arrested Development I watched on Sat:

Michael had just set up this amazing romantic getaway for his bro-in-law and his estranged wife.

Bro-In-Law: You are quite the cupid aren't you? Well you can sink your arrow into my buttocks anytime.
Michael: Such a poor choice of words.

It's funny damn it! Go watch it!


  1. Pirates not funny? Okay lah, it was cheesy shite and everything was very exaggerated. Still I was happy to drool over Johnny Depp.

    Yes it was too long. I actually went to the bathroom halfway through...somewhere about the time Kraken or Cracken or whatever they call it was coming to eat the Black Pearl and apparently, despite taking 10 minutes in the bathroom, I didn't miss much.

    I cannot complain. Movie may have sucked but the company I had was too yummy to whinge over. Take note Bert, when watching lame movie, have hottie in tow. :)

  2. I think Pirates is just a satire of adventure movies. Though it was a tad boring I guess. And the cragon or whatever was kinda lame.