Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I am finally doing a meme

K I don't normally do this, but I never refuse a woman's request so this is just for you my little Preetha.

1. Do the following WITHOUT complains
2. Choose 5 person to do this after you completed yours
3. Leave a tag on the person's tagboard to say he/she have been tagged.
4. Start your post with "I have been tagged!" then do this.


Current Mood: Horny
Current Taste: Curry
Current Clothes: Shorts, nothing else. Free Willy.
Current Desktop: blank - improves the performance because the PC does not need to keep reloading the picture.
Current Toenail Color: Slightly whitish, have this nasty fungal thingy.
Current Time: 9:17pm

Current Surroundings: My Room. Tv on. Porn movie playing on computer.
Current Annoyances: Someone at work.
Current Thoughts: Why can't I see my feet?

First Best Friends: Hairuddin in primary school. Till he stabbed my back , that bastard.
First Crush: This boy in secondary school, he had like the biggest biceps. Hey it was an all boys school and I was still finding my sexual identity alright!
First Movie: Hmm earliest I remember was Labyrinth starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly
First Lie: When I tried to blame the pee around the toilet bowl on my sis.
First Music: Ace of Base ( I saw the sign!)

Last Cigarette: Never smoked in my life.
Last Drink: Diet Coke, Heineken if you mean DRINK.
Last Car Ride: World Cup Final, friend was driving.
Last Crush: Cute gal at work, she's married though.
Last Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean
Last Phone Call: Shamini

Last CD played: Ashes of the Wake, Lamb of God
Last song played: Swim by In Flames

Have you ever

Have you ever dated one of your best friend: Nope.
Have you ever broken the law: I used to jaywalk back in the day. Yes I was a wild rebel back then.
Have you ever been arrested: Does getting handcuffed in bed count? Doesn't matter, still no.
Have you ever skinny-dipped: One word. Shrinkage.
Have you ever been on TV: Yes, on Tamil news when they interviewed my family on Xmas. It was a disaster, I had to speak Tamil. I don't speak Tamil.
Have you ever kissed someone you don't know: no.

5 things you are wearing: Shorts. Thats all I am wearing.
4 things you done today: Went to work. Chided someone at work. Watched One Tree Hill. Saw picture of Mischa Barton's nip slip.
3 things you can hear right now: One Tree Hill, Mom's SunTV program. Cars.
1 thing u do when you're bored: Porn.


1. Le Femme
2. Su
3. Zehara
4. Le Raine
5. Scott Adams (you never know)

Only if you wanna of course.


  1. Why dont you speak Tamil? It'd be.. interesting..

  2. I speak tamil like an ang moh speaks tamil, I learnt malay in school.

  3. I think I am the only eeeedeeeeyot to waste ONE HOUR of my life doing the meme. GAH!!!