Saturday, July 22, 2006

Disaster at army camp

Sigh sometimes I wonder if God has it in for me.

I went for my annual physical fitness test last Thursday I was there half hour earlier and after completing my registration and getting my number tag. I waited for them to call us to start. 5 minutes in I started getting a pretty bad stomachache, however you aren't allowed to go to the toilet after you register because they don't want people to try to cheat by exchanging number tags. So I bravely held it out, hoping that it will all be over soon.

They called us 10 minutes later, and by now my stomachache had become much worse, and I started to feel this buildup of gas in my flat washboard abs. The first station was sit ups, so I decided to let the others go on first while I rested at the side, trying to overcome the nauseating cramps that were racking my body.

It was my turn next, and I sat down on the mat, braced myself and started doing my sit ups. Then as I I was doing my 10th sit up, IT happened. To put it delicately, I expelled gas. Really loudly.

A wall of laughter erupted around me the very next moment. I tried to ignore it and continued my sit ups, but it obviously affected my performance, I did horribly. After I finished I just hurried to the next station, not even looking at the other guys. It's an old defense mechanism I learned in school back then when I was continuously bullied and mocked at - if you don't see them laughing, they aren't laughing at you.

There is only one person I can blame for what happened, and that is my mom. I specifically told her not to make curry for dinner the night before because of my test, but she ignored me. Thanks MOM!!

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  1. i love you lah indian stallion. have my babies? yes/no?

  2. Anonymous: Having a baby is something serious, I can't just make a decision just like that. I at least gotta know if you are hot.

    Jnanee: It's not funny ok, it was damn traumatising.