Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bloody Scary Dream

I had one of my scariest dreams ever a couple nights ago. And believe me, I don't usually get scared easily so it was one hell of a nightmare.

I dreamt that I, along with my mom and an unidentified third man, had been kidnapped by some Middle Eastern dude and kept in this deserted house. Our hands and feet were bounded by rope, the really rough kind that bites into your skin. And then he informed us that he was going to get demand a handsome ransom for us from our families. And to show them that he was serious, he was going to cut the feet off one of us.

Yes FEET. I was totally freaked out. And as he came towards us with his big shears I closed my eyes and silently prayed that it was either my mom or the other guy who get their feet chopped off instead of me.

K wait a minute before you condemned me for sacrificing my mom for my own survival. At first I was like "leave my mom alone and cut my feet off!!", but then I started thinking. And the more I thought about it, the more sense it made for her to make an Basically I did a mental comparison in my head:

Me getting feet cut off

1. Would make it pretty hard to go out on dates, and chicks wouldn't be too crazy about a guy with a plastic foot who walks funny.
2. My new pair of blades that cost me 200 dollars would be totally wasted.
3. I have a longer life span, so I would suffer longer from the disability.

Mom getting her feet cut off.

1. She doesn't go out on dates anymore so that's not a big issue. (she's married, duh!)
2. She doesn't blade and does not intend to take it up otherwise she could take over my blades.
3. Let's face it, she's probably gonna go first. Hey truth's a bitch.

So hopefully now you don't think it was inhumane of me to think that way. Anyway back to my dream. He was coming towards us with his big shears. I closed my ears. I heard a loud snipping sound and then the sound of a guy screaming. Yup he had snipped off the guy's feet. Thank god I was spared. Oh yeah and my mom too.

He left with the bloody feet. And mom went over and tried to stop the guy's bleeding by using a towel but it wasn't really helping. Then the guy came back, and he told us that if he didn't get the money in the next 6 hours it would be someone else's feet.

And that was that. I woke up shaking and for a moment I was thinking if it had been real. Spent the next few minutes wondering what it meant. Still am.


  1. well, at least in your DREAM you could have been valiant to dear old mom! lol bad bert.

  2. These feet are made for walking...And that's just what they'll do...One of these days these feet are gonna walk all over you...

    Good morning Bert!

  3. yo bertsy,

    i think u been watching too much of SAW!!

    wanna watch the world cup final??

  4. Dawn: Didn't you read my reasons? It's not about being valient, its about being practical!

    Femme: Ah u know if it was jessica simpson who kidnapped me I would gladly give up my feet.