Monday, July 03, 2006

Bad cellphone habits

I think a lot of people can learn from this guy. He shares the same intense dislike for handphones as I do. Some of my favourite ones are as follows:

6. Do not interrupt a conversation with a real live person to answer your cell phone. (Transplant surgeons are exempt from this rule.)
8. When out with coworkers or friends, constantly checking your phone for messages is annoying.
9. Text messaging while talking to another person is rude.

If it happens once, it's still ok. But 4 or 5 times and it gets really annoying, to the point where I feel like telling the person - "Should I leave you two alone so that you can have some privacy?".

I also have been out with a few people who actually had a five minute (or more) conversation on their phone while they are with me. Is it really that urgent that you can't tell the other party - "Hey look I am out with a friend, can I call you back later?".

It's amazing to me how people let this little gadget dictate their daily lives to the point where they forget basic human courtesy. Sometimes I really hate that stupid thing.


  1. i'm with you here. it gets so frustrating sometimes, i have a mind to grab their handphones and twat them on the head with it.

  2. Absolutely agree!!! SIngaporeans are addicted to their cellphones, and its like the ultimate distraction technique... look at the number of people who play with their phones obsessively on the train!

  3. dude. they do it to run away frm u. =P

  4. Ok la. sorry. think im guilty of it once or twice. but most of the time, i try to avoid it...

  5. Keith: Yeah I know exactly how u feel, like bash them till they just stop moving right!!!

    Ak: Yeah god esp those who play with their ringtones.

    Preethos: Errm I don't think so.

    Su: Ha it wasn't targetted to anyone in particular ok.