Thursday, June 08, 2006

The truth hurts, and so does exercise.

Continuing what I would like to call my 'whiny' phase, I would like to share this pretty upsetting incident that happened to me last week.

I was trying out this pair of jeans that I bought 6 months ago but I had trouble getting into it.

Me: Mom!! We need to replace the washing machine! It keeps shrinking my clothes!!
Mom: Sigh..
Me: What was that?
Mom: Oh nothing, sure we can buy one soon. Again. As long as you are paying for it.
Me: Mom, if you have something to say , just say it.
Mom: I would say it but I am not sure if that's what you want.
Me: (Shouting) All I want is the truth!!!
Mom: (Shouting back) You want the truth?? You can't handle the truth!!
Me: Just tell me !!!
Mom: Fine. The washing machine did not shrink your clothes. Neither does drying your clothes out in the sun. And while we are being honest, the shopgirls at clothing stores aren't trying to rip you off by changing the size labels on their clothes. You want the truth!? The truth is you are fat now. You are no longer that slim sexy hottie you were when you were 21! Deal with it and stop blaming everything else for your wardrobe woes!

And with that she left. I stood there in shock. They say it's those who are closest to you who have the power to hurt you the most. They were right.

Her words kept playing through my head as I lay on my bed that night. I kept trying to convince myself she didn't mean it. I never expected her to say something so cruel to me, I mean this was the same women who used to lovingly refer to me as mommy's little laddu. Maybe I didn't know her as well as I thought I did.

I didn't sleep a wink that night, but the next morning I woke up knowing what I needed to do. I went jogging around my block (hey I haven't been jogging in a long while alright). It felt good. The next day I bought a pair of roller blades and went blading at East Coast.

Mom was right, I had been a bit delusional about the fact that I needed to lose some weight. I realize now that she said what she said because she cared about me, and also because some of the women she was trying to find for me weren't too crazy about big guys.

Mom just told me that she's gonna try and hook me up with another Indian girl yesterday. She told me that this girl will be more modern than the last one, apparently she wore jeans. I'm pretty excited about it!


  1. you are so cock sometimes. hahaha... and hey, i wanna go blading too!!!!!!

  2. I disagree with your mom - I think the clothing manufacturers ARE screwing with the labels! last time i went shopping, I was up a pants size, yet I don't weigh anymore than usual. wtf???

  3. Su: Ha get the blades la can go together. I just went just now.

    Dawn: Sigh my dear , it's ok to be fat. God still loves us. That's what mom told me earlier, and now I am saying that to you.

  4. *chokes on a m&m*

    Don't you wish your body was hot like me...don't you wish your body was a freak like me... (Yeah okay, I know it sounds weird but you get the point.)

    Sorry ah, skinny people get bored very easily.

  5. go bertie go! -prances around like a cheerleader-

    but dude you are excited by a 'modern' girl who wears jeans? XD (look at it sideways its a smiley)

    you crack me up. (: (sorry about the non conventional smiley. i'm a non conformist. haahaha.)

  6. oei.
    please be posting the offside rule explanation for chicks again.
    i forgot leh. and now i want to impress the lads.

  7. Femme:Skinny people seem to be pretty lame as well. :)

    Raine: Thanks. BTW you look hot in that pic.

    Preetha: Yes why, is there anything wrong with wanting a modern Indian woman?

    Anony: Err do I look like a bloody information counter? It's in my archives la, go look for it !

  8. now that you have mentioned it - you do look like an information counter.
    but fine - i shall look for it on my OWN!
    and all i wanted to do was make myself knowledgeable for the benefit of your gender.

  9. Anony: Look ,and if u cant find it then let me know. The stallion is not that unkind.

    Who are ya anyway little one.

  10. Ah, don't fret about the weight. It's ok if guys are a little bit over!! As long as you are healthy -- who cares!!

    It's what's on the INSIDE that counts :-)

  11. i am one who pines for your wit your prose and your pants.
    ok scratch the pants.
    goodluck with the blading!