Tuesday, June 20, 2006

One Church Wedding and A Girl

Went to an old army friend's wedding last Saturday at the Church of Holy Family at East Coast Road. The ceremony was pretty nice, although the priest marrying them said these pretty corny jokes (religious people have a strange sense of humor it seems) . Anyway as we heading for the lunch reception upstairs I saw something that caught my eye.

It was a girl. She was in the lift and just as the doors were about to close, she gave me this intense look. The doors to the lift closed, but the door to my heart swung open. Her beauty was beyond words, but if I had to use words it would be that she was smoking hot. Normally I would just forget it as she would have been way out of my league , but I knew the look that she gave me all too well - it was a look of intense lust and longing, she wanted me bad. It was that same look that Uncle Kumar used to give me when he came over to my house for "casual" visits. Casual my ass. Crap, bad memory flashback, shouldn't have brought that up. Anyway back to my encounter.

I grabbed my friend and ran up the stairs to where the lunch reception was. I looked at all the tables were but I couldn't find her. I began to worry - What if she might have taken the lift down again to find me? I was contemplating going back down when I saw her. She was sitting down at the far corner, laughing at something her colleague said. I have never heard a sweeter sound in my life.

My friend and I got our food, and then I managed to persuade my friend to stand behind the table she was sitting at (but facing her) and eat our food, on the pretense that there were no more free tables left. As I was eating I kept looking at her , hoping that she would look back but she didn't. In fact it seemed as if she was purposely trying to avoid looking back at me.

I was angry and confused. What was she trying to pull here? You don't just give a guy a "I want you" look on one floor then completely ignore him on another floor damn it!! I started moving my arms in an exaggerated manner as I continued eating in the hope that she would notice, but it was like I was invisible to her (although it attracted the attention of others).

After five minutes my arms started to tire and I stopped. I didn't even notice when she left a minute later as I could hardly see, my eyes were filled with tears.

As we left the church I noticed that someone had left one of the church doors slightly ajar. I reached forward and closed it. And at the same time I closed the door to my heart once again. But unlike the church door it will probably never open again.

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  1. *sheds single tear*

    *scurries away*

  2. It's a sign! God is trying to tell you something!

    Now all you have to do is wait for the fire and brimstone and you'll know what the message is.

  3. that's really too bad your cousin treated you like that. ;)

  4. oh bertie what would my days be like without your blog entries to stop them from stretching never-endingly.

    my heart goes out to you my friend.