Monday, June 19, 2006

Off to a bad start.

My week that is. Lost my internet connection over the weekend thanks to my cable modem which finally died after 5 years of service. I had to go the entire weekend without watching any (new) porn, which is like a first for me. I hope none of you will ever go through that, it was a really horrific experience.

So I called up the cable company and they told me I had to go down to this place in Buona Vista to get the modem checked out and confirm that it is indeed faulty, and then head over to Plaza Sing to buy a new one for a 100 bucks. Oh and since the account is under my sister's name I have to get a signed letter from her to authorise me to buy the modem on her behalf.

I was like screw it. We been with the cable company paying 58 dollars a month for the last 5 years (last 3 without contract) , the least they could do is give it to us free or at least offer to send it to us. Told my sis to ask them for a free modem , if they don't want to then told her to just cancel it and I will sign up with Singnet. - it's cheaper anyway.

Then I found out that some asshole(s) stole my favourite pair of beach slippers that was lying outside my front door. Those were the ones I got from Vietnam. I hope he/they get foot herpes or something.

It's a bad start to the week.

And my butt is still sore.

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  1. that's terrible. you ought to sue the cable company and make them recompense for your lost hours watching (new) porn.

    it must have been a traumatic experience. ):

  2. oh bertie i sympathise this absolutely cannot get any worse!

    haiyah youre a jinx man. don't worry, we'll blade to this coconut tree in an ulu corner of ecp that will unjinx u when u run (or blade i suppose that might work) around it 389492981 times.