Monday, June 26, 2006

Music: Like a Virgin

Yes Hillary Duff is apparently still a virgin, according to her recent interview with Elle Magazine. The question here is who really gives a shit? Alright her boyfriend (the guy from the crap punk band Good Charlotte) might, but who else? Why do these female singers feel the need to let us know about their sex lives, or lack thereof. And then after they reveal all these details, they start whining about how the public won't give them their pricacy. Bloody bimbos.

First it was Britney, then Jessica Simpson, now her. It pisses me off. You don't see me bragging to my friends that I am  ....I mean I don't see my friends bragging to me about their non-existent sex lives. But the always funny Jay Leno had this to say about her claim : "....if you're dating a musician for two years and you're still a virgin, you're dating Clay Aiken."

And why don't celebrities ever brag about them not being a virgin. I would love to see an interview with a celeb who proudly proclaims that she got banged by three different guys in the past week. At the same time. Now that's something you can be really proud of.

In other news, and I say this with the heaviest of hearts, Kevin has left the Backstreet Boyz. I got pretty emotional when I heard the news. Kevin has always been my favorite Boy, mainly because I have always felt like I can relate to him the most. As in we are both men who still call themselves boys, and we both can't really sing eventhough we think we can. The band will not be the same without him, but I wish him the best in all his future endervours. We Backmates* are gonna miss you.

*Backmates: Fans of The Backstreet Boyz


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