Friday, June 30, 2006

M1 Customer Service sucks balls

They really do. I was at the Bugis Junction last Friday at 1 pm to sign up for the tariff promo that gives me 50% off the monthly subscription and it was a pretty crappy experience.

First was the wait. I was made to wait an hour and fifteen minutes before I finally got attended to. And the thing was there were 2 counters that were unmanned, there was only 2 counters attending to people who were in the queue.  Would it kill them to hire enough staff to man all the counters?

Finally I got attended to. I asked to change my service plan to a cheaper one, as my current one was really old and so crappy that they didn't even offer it anymore. I tried to change it while I was still under contract last year but they told me I couldn't since I was under contract and I would have to pay 20 dollars. My contract had long expired so I assumed changing it now would not be an issue.

I was wrong. The guy at the counter told me that I still had to pay 20 dollars to downgrade to a cheaper plan, eventhough my contract had expired. When I told him what I was told over the phone last year, he replied that according to this branch's rules they have to charge that fee, and that I would have to call the M1 hotline and ask them to waive it off.

That is shitty customer service for you. I would have expected that he call the M1 hotline and clarify it for me, but apparently that wasn't his job. So I called the hotline and told them the scenario, and they waived off the fee for me after I explained the irrationality of forcing me to stick to a mobile plan that wasn't even offered anymore.

In the end I got what I was looking for, but not without a great deal of frustration. Anyone else had similar experiences with M1 or is it just my bad luck?

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