Sunday, June 25, 2006

Immaturity in Adults

I knew it. I was wondering why I keep meeting immature people again and again, and now I know why. Apparently adults nowadays are more immature. According to this article, one of the factors contributing to this trend is the emphasis in today's culture on youth and vitality and the perceived un-coolness of old age has contributed to people just not wanting to act their age.

Take this recent example. I was out on a date with this really cute girl and it went really well. So at the end of the date I told her that I never had such an amazing time before, that she could be the "one" and hinted that maybe we could get married by the end of the year.

The next day I called her in the morning at 6 am to wish her good morning and also maybe ask her if she wanted to meet for breakfast. She didn't answer the phone despite my repeated calls, which got me even more worried and made me call even more often. I think I must have made like 50 calls in 2 hours. If that isn't an obvious sign of immaturity I don't know what is, a mature person would answer their calls !

By lunch time I got really pissed. So I decided to send her a final SMS.

I don't think I want to friend you anymore.

I got a reply instantly.

Thank God. Bye.

She was obviously trying to act brave. I think she knew she screwed up but was just too immature to apologize.

I never saw her again.

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  1. *grin*
    Dude, where do you get all these ideas from?

    Right, I'll make you happy. Meet me for dinner this week, with Su. You'll have not one, but TWO women to flank each side of you and neither one of us will be immature. :)

  2. Tragic, simply tragic.


  3. You know, you kinda sound a lot like Jon (of Garfield), only a great deal funnier.

    ahem. And you may take that as a compliment.

  4. I think you gave up too easy though. Women absolutely loves it when you hang around their workplace AND home after you've been trying to call them for like 50,000 times.

  5. Femme: What ideas?

    Raine: Yes I don't know why I keep meeting this kind of women.

    Sirisha: I love you. Really.

    Aim: I didn't have her house or work address ( i did only go out with her once) otherwise I would have definitely gone to confront her about missing my calls.