Saturday, June 24, 2006

I met a psychic!

Yes I did. 2 days ago. I have always been skeptical about the supernatural. I am first and foremost a man of science (although i I didn't do very well in it when I was in school), I believe that you should try and explain phenomena using science before you assume it is due to some unknown supernatural forces. But after what happened that day I am not sure if I still believe that anymore. Let me tell you what happened, then you can judge for yourself.

I was working in the office just like any other day, but I was so engrossed in my work that I completely missed lunch time. When I finally did check my watch it was already 2:30 pm, so I quickly went down to the canteen, hoping that at least one of the food stalls would still be open.

Luckily enough the Western/Chinese food stall was open so I went over and placed my order.

Me: Hi, Can I get a chicken cutlet?
Her: Actually we only have one thing left, the rest finish already.
Me: Oh what's that (one thing)?
Her: Oh that one ,you won't like it. Why don't you get something from the other stall?

I was completely stunned. How did this woman who didn't even know me personally knew what I liked or didn't like to eat? I tried to fathom some scientific explanation for it, but I couldn't. There was only ONE explanation. She somehow managed to use her mind to probe deep into mine to find out what exactly what I liked or didn't like. It was pretty freaky to be honest.

After a few moments I managed to regain my composure and I noticed she was smiling. I guess that was not the first time she got that kind of reaction from her customer.

So I left her, still rather dazed, and went to another stall. I was gonna tell her that I was never gonna patronize her stall ever again, but then I remember that she would have already known that.

Looking back at that experience, I have learnt that there are some things that defy logic and science, and that I should be more open minded. So have any of you ever had similar psychic experiences?

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  1. Many yrs ago, my dad wanted to invest in a top-of-the-range camera, so he went to a big-name shop.

    "oh that one? you won't be able to afford it."

    just reading this post makes my bp go up so much that my head hurts.

    i think being picked out for a "random" spot check at immigration every single time we've come through the aussie immigration shows how lucky we are. maybe we shd hit las vegas.

  2. Anantya: Well you know, even psychics can be wrong sometimes. Or maybe he wasn't really one, he was just pretending to be.

  3. U didn't get 4D numbers from her? :)

  4. Hey there are so many psychics like these nowadays, didn't you know? Like whenever I call pizza hut, the woman always goes, "Hello you're calling from [insert my address here]". And they get it right everytime, no matter who answers the call!

    Even automated messages have psychic powers. For example, everytime I'm call a cab from work, the automated voice asks me if I want it to be sent to [insert address of my workplace here].

    It gets me everytime!

  5. was it because she had only steaks left?

  6. Lancerlord : Crap I forgot!!!

    Sirisha: K now you are just being silly. Pizza Hut has a database of numbers and their corresponding addresses. The other prob uses GPS. Can't believe you are so naive!!

    Keith: Errm can't be. I like steaks.

  7. maybe she thought you are a muslim and she only have pork left.

    yes that must be it. gawd I'm so brilliant.


  8. data base ? What are those! I only know Ace of Base.

  9. Jean: Ermm don't think so. I am not muslim, and why would she assume that I was?

    Sirisha: *Pats head* It's ok love. BTW regarding the cabs it's because the first time you call and you tell the location they store it in the database so that the next time you call they immediately ask you. I knew that, but it just slipped my mind earlier. No one told that to me. No one.

  10. I know no one told that to you stallion. No one. ESPECIALLY not me.